Best Habits to Improve Your Career


You can easily find multiple tips for people who are looking for a job, but what about advice on career improvement for people who already have a job? As numerous businesses have cut back their staff, a big amount of employed people are stuck performing the work of several people.

Here Is a List of the Effective Tips to Help Advance Your Career

Know Your Career Goal

Your career goal should challenge you to find the original role, which best suits your skills, talents and passions, and forces you toward success. You have to understand your work and know how to do it well. This means that you should have technical competence and meet the requirements for your job.

Network Even if You Are Not Looking for a New Job

The main advice for job seekers and even for those who are not looking for a new job is networking. A good professional network often becomes a source of friendships and referrals for almost anything. Besides, your professional network can give objective insights for the assessment of the opportunities and problems as well. Acquaintances of acquaintances, trade organizations and various education classes provide great sources for creating relationships with people that may help improve your career. You should keep in mind that job security can come and go, while a developed network of important contacts is always useful.

Trust Your Intuition

If any situation does or does not feel right, never let your logic override your instincts. You know what I mean if you have ever taken a job your intuition warned you against and realized some time later that your instinct was first right. Of course, logic has to take place in your decision-making, as well as in the career advancement, but together with intuition, it can provide you with a balanced perspective on the career improvement.

Pursue Only Those Goals Which You Really Want to Achieve

When you are setting the goals that have to help advance your career, test their viability with the help of RUMBA method. According to it, all of your goals have to be Reasonable, Understandable, Measurable, Behavioral and Agreed upon. If your goal does not meet any of these conditions, it is probably not worth your endeavors. Not only you, but also every other person involved with your goal has to genuinely trust that it is a good idea.

You Should Have Time Devoted to Education, Work and Fun

Many people divide their lives into three separate periods with different purposes. Until the age of 20, most of us are in so-called “learning box” when we absorb all the information we get. From about 20 to 65, we are in the “working box” and focus on producing valuable products or services. And at 65, we move into the “fun box.” However, it is not the best way to spend our lifetime. Instead, people, who know how to combine education, job, and free time, seize and enjoy every day of their lives.
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