Good Persuasive Speech Topics


If you have the task to deliver a persuasive speech, one of the essential constituents of your success is to find good persuasive speech topics. Writing a speech is similar to writing an essay but the difference lies in the fact that you will have to present this essay to a large audience. As such, the core aim of a speech is to convey a specific message or idea in the words that are clear to the target audience. It is critical to make the message clear so that the audience could well comprehend it.

How to Make a Speech?

One of the fundamentals of making a persuasive speech successful is to come up with a list of good persuasive speech topics and then choose one of them that you are most interested in. Keep in mind that the topic should be interesting not only to you but also appealing and clear to the audience. Actually, in persuasive speech, there is nothing worse than when your audience does not understand what you are talking about or when it is so hard to comprehend the topic that some essential parts are left out by your listeners. In such cases, you will not be able to convince your audience of anything. Just at the beginning of writing, you need to make sure that you have conducted enough research on the topic. As such, be sure to consult only the most credible and trustworthy sources. Explore the topic from different perspectives and make sure you get a full picture of the issue. At this point, make sure you have found expert opinion to rely on. When you gather ideas for persuasive speech, keep in mind that the topics are controversial and they do not have one clear standpoint. Different people will have different opinions on the topic but your task here is to present your standpoint in the most vivid perspective. If you want to know how to write a persuasive speech, make sure that you pay attention to your target audience. This is a factor that influences your style of writing as well as your vocabulary choice. You should also investigate the preferences, interests, and educational background of your target audience in order to compose your presentation in the most appealing and interesting way. As such, first and foremost, please explore what your target audience already knows about the subject you intend to present. Consequently, you will know what aspects of the topic to emphasize, what to pay attention to, what should be better explained, etc. In other words, you will have a clear picture what concerns to address in your speech.

What to Consider When Choosing Good Persuasive Speech Topics:

  • the topic should be well-known to you;
  • the topic should be interesting to you;
  • there should be ample information on the topic to conduct a research on;
  • it should be a topical issue that people care about;
  • it should be a controversial topic.

The Most Interesting Topic for a Persuasive Speech

1) Topics on Education:
  • Would you vote for or against the abolishment of Greek life in college?
  • Should it be allowed for high school students to leave the territory of college during the lunch break?
  • How can schools tackle issues with bullying?
  • Do you agree that cursive handwriting should be still taught in schools and other educational establishments?
  • Should volunteering be an obligatory requirement for students to get enrolled in higher educational establishments?
2) Topics on Ethics:
  • Should prisoners be granted the right to vote in elections?
  • Do you agree that assault weapons should be claimed illegal?
  • Should guns be banned on campus?
  • Is it better for a couple to live together before marriage or wait?
  • Should transgender serve in the army?
3) Topics on Governmental Issues:
  • Who can be considered as the best American president in the history of the USA?
  • Should voting during elections be made compulsory?
  • Should the government cut the budget for the military?
  • Should Scotland become independent from the UK?
  • Whose face deserves to be on the new US currency?
4) Topics on Health:
  • Should producers of soda, sugary drinks, and fast food pay more tax for the benefit of public health?
  • Should free condoms be provided for students in high schools or colleges?
  • Should the government legalize euthanasia in all countries?
  • Should healthy people have an obligation to donate blood on a regular basis?
  • Should the US health care be based on single payment?
5) Topics on Religion:
  • Should different religious sects and organizations pay taxes?
  • Should there be a legal right for some countries to give shelter to immigrants with specific religious beliefs?
  • Should public prayer be an inseparable part of the studying process?
  • Should women obtain the right to be priests?
  • Should marriage be made ethically right and legal for priests?
6) Topics on Environment:
  • Should genetically modified foods be allowed? / Be openly sold in supermarkets?
  • What type of renewable energy has the most benefits?
  • Should humans be legally cloned?
  • Should they stop giving free plastic bags or even selling them in supermarkets and grocery stores?
  • Should NASA’s budget be increased?
7) Topics on Sports:
  • Should sports teams in high schools and colleges receive more funding?
  • Should boxing be banned from legal sports?
  • Should children be allowed by their parents to play tackle football?
  • Should cheerleading be accepted to the category of sports?
  • Should all children be taught how to swim?
8) Topics on Technology:
  • Should free access to electronic books replace libraries?
  • Should net neutrality be favored or not?
  • Should self-driven cars be made legal?
  • Do social networking sites have more benefits or drawbacks: have they created a greater distance between people or, on the other hand, have helped to maintain connections between them?
  • Should energy efficiency be implemented in all new buildings?
Regardless of the topic of your paper, make sure you include only important and relevant information. You need to provide enough details in order to sound convincing. Make sure you make the discussion interesting both for you and for your target audience. Good luck with your persuasive speech.
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