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grant proposal writing
How it is possible to define a grant proposal? Generally speaking, it is a request from an individual entrepreneur or an organization to get an investment in a project of either for-profit or non-for-profit type. It may seem that the benefits from grant proposals are enjoyed only by the party that requests for financial support; however, this is a wrong idea. An organization or an individual that provides financial support is referred to as a grantee. They make their investments not at random, but to support specific projects and contribute to positive changes overall. Therefore, via their investment, they may impact the large-scale issues related to the culture, values, or morals of an organization.

How to Make a Grand Proposal Brilliant?

Reading through expert grant proposal writing tips prior to starting to work on the paper is a reasonable idea that will save a lot of time for you. Specify what type of research you are starting and why you need to conduct it. Your task is to persuade the grantees to provide money to your project; so, it is not enough to be sure that your experiment or project is of great value. What you have to do is to sound convincing and share your confidence with others. Some of the scholars in the field of arts and humanities disregard the aspects of research design, research questions, hypotheses, and results in their projects. Still, the funding agencies require these specific frames for every project, and it is essential to make sure that your project corresponds to all the standards. Learning how to write a grand proposal, you will most probably notice that it is a lengthy process initiated with having a bright idea. It is not a linear process as a lot of people tend to believe. Instead, this is a process of circular nature. It is common to start working on the proposal with looking for a specific research question. What will be a direct output of the project? Which information will be collected? What knowledge will be obtained? Why is this new research valuable? Your purpose should be communicated with a direct message to the committee as your application will be reviewed and you have to inform them about your ultimate goals.

Twelve Top Notch Grant Proposal Writing Tips

It would be wrong to say that there are universal answers to all the questions about writing a grant proposal. Nevertheless, there are specific steps to be taken to get more chances and win in the fair fight. Have a look at the guidelines on how you may get a competitive edge with your grant applications.
  1. Be specific in defining the necessity for the grant
You have to answer the question about the reason why you have chosen this specific grant. It would not be acceptable just to state that the grant is required. You have to be clear in your message about the community needs to be addressed by the project or a significant impact that the funded project will make.
  1. Be able to differentiate yourself
You may know how to write a grant but you may forget to mention the differences between your organization and those similar in the field. Set your company apart and let the committee remember you. You most probably know that first-time proposals from the non-for-profits that have to relationships with the foundation are generally rejected. Still, there is always a chance to get a positive answer if you will make your organization look bright among the others.
  1. Have a specific target with your project funding
Writing a grand proposal, you expect your particular cause to be awarded with funding. It is completely different from providing merely general assistance and support. You have to focus on a definite aim and increase your chances to be successful. Do not forget to provide as many details as possible as the committee has to be aware of the stages of project execution.
  1. Do not use any specific jargon or industry terms in the text of the application
Even non-for-profits have their specific vocabulary and jargon. Still, it will be more efficient to avoid all types of jargon and acronyms in the grant application as your target group is not supposed to be bewildered or confused. You need them to gain utmost understanding of the text and you have to take effort to ensure that.
  1. Show your talent of a storyteller.
Try to imagine that you are a member of the grant commission. You have a pile of proposals and your job is to find the one that differs. Try to think how a proposal can make you inspired or motivated to provide support to a particular project. You should feel that a certain company managed to appeal to your mind and to your emotions. What is the key to this interest? It is in the story you present. You will tell a story that matters and stands out and you will win.
  1. Get the focus away from the problems. Instead, mind the solutions
Consider all the grant proposal ideas you have and avoid all kinds of negative vibes. You should not talk excessively about the issues as the commission requires positive emotions. They actually need to know how the objectives you set will be accomplished. That is your goal in storytelling.
  1. Provide a reasonable budget
How is the credibility of the organization evaluated by the grant commission? Most frequently, they just pay attention to the calculations included and if they find math errors in the proposals, then the whole project may lose its attractiveness. The budget of any project should make sense and the suggested objectives should be supported objectively. There should be no hint at the problems with management of the money; otherwise, you will be eliminated as an applicant.
  1. Hire an external reviewer
All successful grant proposals are reviewed by an external person without any subjective approach to your company. It is essential to make sure that this person could understand what you are trying to say in your proposal. You have to be sure that your text can motivate and inspire.
  1. Forget about procrastination
It is a challenging task, but writing not in the last hours before the submission, but at least with several days left for rewriting and editing, is a great way to success. In a rush, everybody makes mistakes and that will cost you too much.
  1. Be specific with details
Check on the specifications to the grant proposals from every particular foundation. Some of them give exact page margins, page length, font, and so on. You have to follow every instruction as the grant makers must their own reasons for giving particular requirements. It will be sad to lose your chance just because of the mistakes with formatting and logistics. Our professional grant proposal writing tips are supposed to let you feel confident at your writing work. Still, if you find grant proposal writing too complicated, just ask us to help you. We will handle the task for you if you are not inclined to. Supreme assistance with the writing tasks is what we offer to the clients. We are eager to be your companion in writing!
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