How to Write a Questionnaire?


how to write a questionnaire
Before we provide you with the information on how to write a questionnaire, let us figure out what a questionnaire is and why this document is so important. First and foremost, you should know that a questionnaire is a series of questions that are sent to respondents. The answers to these questions should help the researcher collect the necessary information for writing a feasible and accurate study. Typically, a questionnaire includes both open-ended and closed-ended questions. In the academic environment, creating a questionnaire is an integral part of writing a thesis or a dissertation. Usually, a dissertation requires creating a questionnaire that consists of 25-40 different questions. If you have no sufficient experience in writing questionnaires, then you should keep reading our guide and we will provide you with the important information that will boost your questionnaire writing proficiency.

What Is the Main Reason for Writing a Questionnaire?

A questionnaire is widely used as a data-gathering tool in various fields. For example, if you are conducting a marketing study for some company, a questionnaire will help you obtain important information from your consumers about their attitudes towards your organization that will help you make your research maximally accurate. A questionnaire is widely used in the following areas:
  • Social research. It allows the researcher to investigate and analyze the characteristics and needs of various social groups;
  • Market research. It helps find out what your customers think about the quality of the products and services provided by your company;
  • Health research. It enables the researcher to collect data from patients about their symptoms;
  • Psychology research. It allows analyzing the preferences, personality traits, and behaviors of different groups of people.
Of course, this document is widely used in many other fields that are not mentioned in the list provided above. You should know that questionnaires are also widely used in cross-cultural studies. No matter what the subject of your questionnaire is, you need to know how to write good questions that will enable your respondents to give objective and accurate answers.

How to Write Questions for a Questionnaire?

Although it may seem pretty easy, we assure you that creating a good list of questions is not that effortless. A single mistake in the formulating of your question may lead to the failing outcome of the entire project. Therefore, we highly recommend you to be maximally attentive when writing your list of questions. Start your work with preliminary research. Although the respondents should provide you with the answers that will become a basis for your study, you will need to carry out preliminary research in order to figure out what issues you would like to discuss. By studying your subject carefully, you will be able to find out what aspects should be explained by your respondents. When you are done with your research, you will need to brainstorm your ideas. First, write down the list of questions that may help you receive the necessary answers. Then, read this list carefully and try to pick up the questions that are the most relevant, accurate, and interesting. Pay attention that all of your questions should be maximally simple and straightforward. By including the questions that may confuse your reader, you will not be able to receive accurate answers, which will have a negative effect on your study. Once you are done with creating the list of questions, you will need to review them making sure all of them are maximally objective and unbiased. What is more, all of them should be free from grammatical and spelling flaws because they will distract your respondents from giving correct answers. We do hope that our suggestions and tips helped you understand how to produce questionnaire for writing projects.

Common Question Types

If you were asked to create an academic writing questionnaire, you should know what types of questions you will need to include in your document. Keep in mind that your questionnaire is not only about the yes/no questions. Sometimes, questionnaires should include many open-ended questions, which will help the respondents give detailed answers. As for the closed-ended questions, have a look at the common ones:
  • Multiple-choice questions;
  • Yes/no questions;
  • True/false questions;
  • Scale questions.

How to Write a Good Research Questionnaire? Handy Practices

  1. Use simple and straightforward language. Pay attention that your respondent may have no time to read long and complicated questions. As such, if you want to reach a good outcome, your questions should be maximally clear;
  2. Be as specific as possible. Pay attention that some concepts can be interpreted by different people in different ways. If you do not want to receive ambiguous answers, you should be maximally specific when writing your questions. Thus, instead of asking “Do you visit your grandparents regularly?” you may ask “How many times per week you visit your grandparents?”
  3. Do not combine different ideas into one question. Pay attention that if you want to receive maximally accurate answers to your questions, you should mention one point in one single question;
  4. Avoid leading questions. Sometimes, researchers want to receive specific answers, thus they build their questions in such a way to make their respondents give these answers. However, if you do it, your study will lack credibility because it should be based on maximally objective answers. Of course, sometimes, you may fail to understand that some of your questions are leading ones. As such, we highly recommend you ask some of your friends to review your questionnaire in order to help you understand whether all of your questions are objective;
  5. Ask different questions. If you ask the same questions in different interpretations, your respondent may easily get bored. If you want them to enjoy filling in your questionnaire, you should ask different types of questions.
All in all, you should know that a questionnaire is considered the most pocket-friendly, efficient, and fast method for obtaining information. Being able to write your questionnaire well, you will significantly benefit your study since you will be able to get maximally clear and accurate answers from your respondents. If you find any difficulties with understanding how to write a questionnaire, you should have a look at some well-written questionnaire samples available on the web. Now, you know how to write a questionnaire that may help you reach your academic goals. However, if you feel that you will not be able to handle this task well, do not hesitate to contact our writing service and we will provide you with supreme writing assistance. Our company is known as the best provider of writing questionnaire for students. Just allow us to become your writing companion and we will handle the rest!
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