Money-Saving Advice: Start Budget Grocery Shopping


Have you calculated how much money on average you spend on groceries? Actually, shopping groceries can turn out to be a significant expense, especially for families. However, there are some budgeting tips on how to save more money and make shopping more affordable.

So, here are tips how to save money on groceries:

  1. Never go shopping when you are hungry. When people are hungry, they tend to put in their shopping basket everything they see on their way (even if they do not have a habit to eat such food). Therefore, to avoid buying some extra or unnecessary staff, go shopping on a full stomach.
  2. Prepare the shopping list in advance. Before going to the supermarket, sit for a while and think what you need. Go to the kitchen and check all the drawers and cupboards to see what products you have run out of. This strategy will prove both time- and money-saving.
  3. Get the habit of planning an approximate menu for a week before going shopping. Buy only food that you are sure you will eat.
  4. Try going shopping once a week. Of course, you might sometimes go to the shop during the day to buy something like milk or bread, but make sure that “big shopping day” is only once a week.
  5. It’s easier to make right choices when you are energetic, so never go shopping when you feel tired and the only thing you want is to lie in bed.
  6. Make sure that you do not throw out all the leftovers away. Sometimes you might cook something for a dinner but then freeze it or store in a fridge for the next day (or take as a lunch for work).
  7. Buy food containers to package your snacks. Always sort food into containers so that you know what is where in the fridge.
  8. Grow a habit of making your home-made snacks. Do not buy some canned stuff or fast-food.
  9. Make sure you clean your fridge, freezer, drawers, and cupboards regularly once a month. You need to free some space before buying more food.
  10. Make sure you organize the food you buy into corresponding shelves, drawers, or cupboards. When you know where the food is, you will be aware what food you have and where to find it.
  11. Try to prepare snacks at home well in advance before your working day. For example, cut some fruit, vegetables, or cheese in the evening to prepare them for tomorrow. I bet you will want to “sleep five minutes more” and will end up spending money on fast food at work.
  12. Shop with a certain budget and try not to pay with your credit card.
  13. Always try some new foods to compare with the usual ones and prefer more quality food.
  14. Calculate the total sum of the products you buy as you put them in the shopping cart.
  15. Buy non-grocery items in some discount stores (because such stuff as garbage bags is usually more expensive in the supermarkets).
Hopefully, these tips will be of great help to you and the next time you go shopping you will be able to save more money.
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