The Most Effective Ways to Become a Better Writer


I believe that writing is something more complicated than putting words together. It is about creating stories and sharing personal points of view with readers. Some people write to make money, others to express their creative personality. However, all writers want to impress their readers, thus, they need to write better and better. Developing writing skills is a hard work. It requires creating a new habit that can be acquired with continuous practice. Many things can be done to attract readers’ attention to your writing, but the most important one is to express your thoughts in a clear, comprehensive and grammatically correct way.

A Few Tips to Enhance Your Writing Skills:

  1. Always proofread your writing.
After finishing your piece of writing, take a pause, thus you will be able to look at your writing from a different perspective. Re-read your paper two or three times. At first, you will remove typos, illogical parts, and stupid mistakes. During the second look, you will notice serious grammar and stylistic errors. Always read the article aloud to perceive it from a readers’ perspective and this will help you with the structure of your paper.
  1. Draft your paper today, edit – tomorrow.
Do not send your paper right after writing and proofreading it. If you have enough time, keep you mind off your article. The best decision is to edit your paper on the next day when you will have a fresh mind. You will not be exhausted and will notice general mistakes (if you missed them during proofreading).
  1. Ask your friend/colleague/classmate to proofread your paper.
Do not be afraid to ask another writer for his/her opinion. This will make your article error free. Also, you can pay someone for proofreading or editing services.
  1. Do not repeat the same word/phrase.
Use different words. Make your paper interesting, lexically rich and more attractive to readers. Do not repeat the same words, but find synonyms. For this purpose, you can use
  1. Use spell checkers.
Spell checkers are very handy in finding typos in spelling. They are just time and nerves savers, so do not be lazy and use spell checking (even MS Word has such an option).
  1. Improve your grammar.
Languages are constantly developing so writers need to follow new tendencies, styles, etc. Grammar shows the quality of your paper. Who wants to read an article full of grammar mistakes? Poor grammar shows disrespect to your readers. So get your high school grammar book and improve your knowledge.
  1. Read high-quality articles.
If you want to be the best writer, you need to learn from the best writers. Find blogs that you really love and keep reading them. You will find inspiration as well as some writing tips and original ideas. In this article, we have presented our ideas on how to make your writing skills better. Follow our pieces of advice and you will find yourself a better writer soon. We will be happy to hear your writing tips, so please leave your thoughts in comments section. Stay tuned!
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