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problem solution essay topics
When working on problem and solution essay assignments, students do their best to come up with various non-standard strategies that will make the essay more impactful. If you want to appeal to your target audience, it is essential to demonstrate creativity and original thinking when you provide some solutions. More so, when a student wants to get an excellent grade, they understand how important the chosen topic is, so they prefer to get ideas for their problem solution essay topics from professional writers. When you choose a topic that interests your audience and formulates a topic that catches the attention of your readers, you will be a step closer to making your essay more impactful. When it comes to problem and solution essay writing, the core thing that will help you make it successful is your ability to write in a persuasive way. More so, to attract your readers right away, try to focus on the key aspects and problems in the introductory paragraph. 

Different Types of Problem and Solution Papers

The purpose of problem and solution writing is to find out what a problem is, explore it, and provide possible ways of its solution. These three features are the central ones when it comes to the essence of a problem and solution essay. When you identify a problem, you need to outline it and specify what its constituents are. When you explore it, you are supposed to analyze it in-depth, focus on its roots or causes. Correspondingly, when you come up with solutions, you have to analyze potential ways out that may be most effective or handy in that particular case. A key thing is not to focus merely on the problem but rather on what caused it. When you wonder what problem solution essay topics may be good to choose, pay attention to those that are topical at some given period. When choosing topics for problem solution essay writing, try to predict how easy it will be for you to come up with solutions. 

50 Topics or Problem Solution Essays 2021

  • Hazards of being addicted to social media networking sites.
  • The use of social media in the educational sphere.
  • The main challenges of spreading popularity of social networks.
  • What does the future hold for social media?
  • The effect of social networking usage on leisure time at home.
  • How is public health affected by air pollution? 
  • Causes of water pollution. 
  • The burning issue of obesity in the USA.
  • Causes of effects of obesity among children. 
  • The relationship between changes in climate and endangered species. 
  • Instances of marijuana usage in the healthcare sector. 
  • The impact of environmental contamination on the costs spent in the healthcare sector. 
  • The role of youths in the environment protection. 
  • What makes some people more susceptible to addictions (i.e. drug or alcohol)?
  • Hazards of particular importance in the society. 
  • How have mental disorders evolved?
  • The role of higher education in the modern labor market. 
  • To what extent can the US criminal justice system be considered fair? 
  • The role of student loans. 
  • Is a college degree as valued as before?
  • Global tourism and its impact on the increasing number of endangered species. 
  • Homelessness is the most acute societal problem.
  • Relationship between homelessness and mental health problems. 
  • Globalization in the modern world and its advantages or disadvantages. 
  • How can globalization impact the growth rate of multinational businesses? 

Problem Solution Essay Structure: Basic Steps

Regardless of the problem-solution topic, your core task is to analyze the given problem in detail, focus on its causes, and come up with the most effective solution(s). The problems you choose to analyze should be both topical and possible to resolve. The main requirements to the structure of a problem and solution essay are the following:
  • Brief description of the chosen problem that you should resolve.
  • A strong and argumentative thesis statement, where you outline the main idea and mention a realistic solution.
  • Identification and brief analysis of a few likely solutions. 
  • Credible expert evidence that supports the argument. 
  • Analytical writing manner. 
It is strongly recommended to compose an outline in order to guarantee the proper development of ideas. However, there are other pre-writing stages that should not be overlooked if you want to provide a properly organized piece of academic writing. Particularly, you should devote sufficient time to investigating credible and trustworthy scholarly sources that will back up your arguments. At times, the professor provides a list of sources that should be consulted. If you do not have such a list, pay attention to the following recommendations before you pick expert literature:
  • Focus on the essential problem solution essay ideas. 
  • Brainstorm the topic and find different perspectives for its exploration. 
  • Considering the perspectives and topic specifics, find appropriate materials in peer-reviewed sources.

How to Organize Each Section?

Problem and solution essays should be properly organized, so coming up with separate chapters enables you to navigate through the content more easily. Besides, it becomes possible to address different aspects in a concise and logical way. Check out the essentials:
  • Introduction. Like in other essay types, if you wonder how to start a problem solution essay, you need to set the background in the introduction, explain what the topic is about and why it is significant, and also pinpoint your central mission. 
  • Identification of the problem. In the next paragraph/ chapter, you have to identify exactly what the problem lies in. Sometimes, the problem sounds clear from the very formulation of problem solution essay topics, but still, it needs to be described in detail. Make sure you not only summarize the problem but also analyze it.
  • Solutions. You have to present your ideas about what solutions will be effective. Make sure to set the context, which will help your readers understand why a certain solution can be chosen. 
  1. Conclusion. You need to summarize all findings and elements of your discussion. Reiterate the thesis statement and highlight once again whether the solutions found are effective. Emphasize the most important aspects of your paper without introducing any new ideas. 
In short, when you are working on a problem-solution essay, keep in mind that you have to demonstrate not only some theoretical knowledge but also apply practical skills as well as critical thinking skills. Your task is not just to discuss the problem but also to analyze it and come up with the most appropriate solution, which is real and measurable.
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