Signs Someone Is A Real Friend


We all have friends, but are they true or are they just actors? Below you can find some facts which will help you define whether the person is a true friend of yours or just a pathetic actor.
  1. Real friends don’t blame you for choosing work over fun.
  2. You always feel free to grab some food from their fridge.
  3. You both know that if zombie apocalypse comes and someone suddenly gets bitten, you won’t kill him unless he is 100% a zombie.
  4. Your friend is always ready to listen or give advice to you regardless of his mood and time of the day.
  5. Being a good friend means you can be separated for weeks or even months, but there are still no doubts about your friendship.
  6. They’ve helped you move. (If they did this during summer – be sure that they are the most real friends).
  7. Friends will be always ready to help you clean up a mess after a huge party at your house.
  8. When you think everything is over for you, real friends will always support you.
  9. Each post on a social network (regardless of what it is) is commented, liked or favored by your real friend.
  10. When someone is disrespectful towards your friend, you interrupt and handle the problem. Real best friends will do the same for you.
  11. True friends are always sincerely happy for your wins and upset for your losses.
  12. Real friends will always tell you straight away when you’re being stupid or inappropriate.
  13. You don’t worry that your friend will post the photo where you consider yourself to be ugly.
  14. They will tell you any painful information you might not know.
  15. You always call each other stupid names or curse words.
  16. Even when dating someone, they don’t forget about your friendship.
  17. They will never leave you alone.
  18. They will never be silent about your girl cheating on you.
  19. You don’t need any social networks to know whom they are dating or when is their birthday, because you pretty much already know it.
  20. They won’t let you do stupid stuff – at least not by yourself.
Being a nice person is a key to get true friends through your life. So don’t lie, don’t betray and don’t take advantage of your friends.
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