The Consequences of Warming World


One of the main causes of global warming is an existence of the exceeded amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The accumulation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is connected to such human activities as burning oils, gas, cutting down the forests, etc. As a result, CO2 creates and performs a function of a blanket that covers out planet. It leads to the fact that the average temperature rises, which causes different negative effects on the natural processes.

Global Warming Can Be Dealt With!

Based on different climate change facts, global warming effects can be reduced. As it has been mentioned before, the main reason of global warming is intensive CO2 emissions, which are not likely to be reduced in the nearest future due to the human dependence on such natural resources as oil, gas, coal, etc. As a result, there is an urgent need for developing alternative sources of energy, which will reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. In other case, global warming may have diverse negative effects not only on people living today but also on future generations. The issue has been widely discussed and there are numerous debates regarding the issue of a warming world. However, it has become obvious that people can reduce the negative outcomes of this threat! First of all, the level of emissions should be sufficiently reduced. Moreover, it should be done as soon as possible not to let the things get worse. The more people hesitate in taking necessary measures, the most costly it will be in the future.

Warming World Consequences

The researchers provide shocking facts regarding global warming. The last 10 years were the hottest years in the history of the mankind, which is quite disturbing. The average temperature has increased by 0.7°C (1°F) globally over the last century. Though it may not seem sufficient, such a temperature change causes numerous problems for all living things on the planet. The statistics show that the number of hot days in year increase drastically, while the number of cold days and nights reduces. The other negative consequences of global warming include the increased sea level, more often droughts, storms, snow pattern,s to name just a few.

Actions to Be Taken to Reduce the Warming World Negative Effects

It is extremely important to ordain specific laws to mitigate the threat. However, not only states’ governments are responsible for the effects of global warming. Every person can add to solving one of the greatest problems of the modern world. The level of carbon dioxide emissions differs from community to community, making it a problem of every region. Sometimes, it is a decision of the community members but not a state law that greatly contributes to the reduction of such emissions. For example, there are regions where people refuse from the common means of transportation in favor of energy-saving transport, etc. So, global warming is a problem of every individual and it is our common task to overcome this threat!
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