Ways to Motivate Yourself to Write


Have you ever thought that writing is easy? What is so difficult about it? You just take a task and write an essay/article/review, etc., right? However, writing is a more complicated and sometimes pretty frustrating process. People, who are not involved in writing, usually imagine a freelance writer as a person who stays at home, does nothing and is paid for it. On the other hand, experienced writers know that writing is not a piece of cake: deadlines can be tight, a customer – too strict, instruction – illogical and sometimes authors struggle with motivation. It is not easy to write an essay on math when you are a literature fan. Writers need to get assignments done on time despite their mood, health or motivation. Thus, the question arises – what is the magic pill that generates the necessary writing motivation?

Here are some motivation tips that work:

  1. Find inspiration.

First of all, you need to take the responsibility for your own decisions. You took that order, so you HAVE to finish it on time. You are the only person in the whole world who can do this. Just pull yourself together, stop procrastinating and complete your writing. Just start doing something and you will get inspired! As a well-known proverb says, money does not grow on trees, so keep writing!

  1. Set a tight deadline.

Imagine that you have only one hour to finish that order, imagine the penalty charge for late order and ask yourself when you will write this paper if not today. Using scare tactics and setting a tight deadline are great ways to get writing done on time.

  1. Make writing schedule and stick to it.

Work out your schedule in advance. You should know how much time you can spend writing and when. Having a schedule is a necessity. Writing should be a part of your daily routine, then it becomes your habit.

  1. Get rid of distractions.

We all know our weak sides. Remove all stuff that distracts you from writing. Find a calm and comfy place, turn off your phone, listen to some music if it inspires you and start working. Also, you can use Pomodoro technique to stay hyper-focused and get writing done in short bursts.

  1. Use possible distractors as a source of motivation.

Social media should not be considered as a waste of time. It can be used as a great tool that helps you relax, find inspiration and motivate not only yourself but also other people. For example, you can follow well-known writers, and I promise you will find something motivational in their posts. Social media can be a great motivational tool if you change your attitude.

  1. Just sit down and write!
Starting seems hard, but no one else can write as you do. Yes, your writing may be illogical, with grammar mistakes, but you will get better if you keep working. Always be inspired to improve yourself. We hope that our tips will help you to start or keep writing. There will be a lot more useful articles on our blog page, so stay tuned!
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