What Habits Should You Have to Become Rich


One may think, “Why is the universe so unfair to me? Why one was born successful and rich and another has to suffer and live in poverty till the last day of life?” The answer is simple. We are alone responsible for the course of events in our life, which is usually determined by the habits we got accustomed to. If to observe the lifestyle of the rich and of the poor, we’ll find out a huge variety of differences between the poor and the rich people habits. Without inventing a wheel, let’s take Tom Corley’s book Rich Habits as a base concerning the habits one should follow to become rich. According to Tom Corley, Filter Your Emotions is one of the habits, to which the most successful people in the world stick. The understanding of the importance of not letting your emotions to gain the upper hand is more spread among the wealthy in comparison to the poor. Hence, to become a millionaire, one should control his/her emotions and utter the words only in a state of complete calmness, with a sober mind.

Build Valuable Relationships

Your business and professional relationships often depend on the networking you are building lifelong. As the matter of fact, connections and circles of acquaintances do influence your career growth and money revenues. Think once again whether people you spend time with are helping you up or are holding you back.

Create To-Do Lists to Achieve Your Goals

Rich people are focused, persistent and patient while those, who struggle financially, are prone to self-limiting and giving up. As we all know, there is no gain without pain. Though, with the help of to-do lists, which have a stimulating ability to never surrender but move in a forward direction, you will definitely change simple habits into profitable money habits.

Devote Time to Something that Educates You

The reason why rich people are rich and successful lies in personal development, which is free off boob tube, constant surfing the Internet, gossiping or complaining. In his book, Tom Corley considers watching TV as a “poverty habit”, on the opposite, reading books, watching TED Talks, listening Podcasts are believed to be the habits of the rich. To get closer to the millionaire status, one has to replace time wasted on reality shows by self-education. The results will be inspiring.

Do What Makes You Happy

The difference between the poor and the rich is determined by one more crucial fact. Poor people do what they have to in order to earn for living and to make ends meet. They consider their dreams to be unattainable. On the contrary, rich people devote themselves to what they feel passionate about, what they are obsessed with, turning their dreams into reality.


Instead of complaining about frequent failures, blaming life and everyone for a bad luck, and not being satisfied with your financial situation, take a glance at your life and reconsider what exactly has gone wrong. Don’t let your habits control your life and keep you away from wealth.
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