Writing a Critical Analysis Essay for Everyone in Need


So, is this fuss all about writing a critical analysis essay? Then it is time to revisit your academic essay writing skills. You feel so unhappy that you do not even know where to start. We will give you a clue as to how you can easily cope with your academic assignment without killing yourself. Remember that you will need to follow the style of writing required by your professor and the academic institution. Be mindful of the instructions and requirements provided by your tutor.

Critical Analysis Essay Writing Tips

If you are lost or confused about writing a good analysis essay, then you may want to watch some YouTube video that teaches the basic writing skills. If you do it, it is quite likely that you will be able to solve your academic problems before it is too late. At the same time, do not forget two important things:
  1. To begin with, all these essays require students to do an in-depth analysis of the topic of their choice. Sometimes, you will have freedom to choose a topic; sometimes, your professor will give you one.
  2. It is not about telling people what you think. Rather, it is about evaluating the pros and cons of the topic using expert opinions and research evidence. Objectivity is everything when it comes to analysis essay writing. Your task is to inform the reader, no more, no less. Remember that the best critical analysis essays are absolutely objective and unbiased.
In fact, the less your rely on your opinion, the more likely you are to produce a compelling argument and persuade the target audience to accept your viewpoint. The more objective you are, the better are your chances to accomplish your writing mission. Never ever use any first-person pronouns in critical essay writing. Forget about any “I’s” or “we’s” in this type of essay. This, however, is not the only thing that you will need to do to produce a brilliant critical analysis essay. If you follow our blog, you will find plenty of useful information to help you write a critical analysis paper that will boost your academic scores. Do not forget that there are many styles of papers and essays. Critical essay writing is just one of them. Consider the unique requirements provided by your professor, and follow them word for word! Generally, you will have to choose between two critical essay types – analytical and argumentative. An argumentative research paper is where you use evidence to argue for some definite point or position. You use evidence to persuade your audience to accept your argumentation. An analytical research paper is a different thing because here you will have to explain and explore the topic, using your critical and analytical thinking skills. Objectivity is everything. You will have to gather evidence and present it to the reader, regardless of your personal opinion about it. Unlike an analytical paper, argumentative essay writing will give you power and authority. You will be at the center of all argumentative paper activities. You will accept some position. You will argue that it is the most relevant evidence-based position, as compared with others. However, even though argumentative papers give you voice, you should not sacrifice objectivity and logic. In an analytical research paper, you will not be allowed to share your opinions. You will have to rely on evidence only! Your task is to choose the most persuasive evidence that is relevant to your topic. You will have to be very critical selecting the best sources for your essay. Do not judge them. Just bring together different sides of the argument and share evidence with the reader.

For example:

You will never be allowed to write in your analytical essay, “Researchers have failed to provide valid evidence of the problem.” Rather, you can say, “Thompson believes that other researchers have failed to produce persuasive evidence that the problem exists.” Apparently, your readers will have a better perspective on your paper if you reference experts in the field, instead of articulating your opinion. Even if you strongly believe that researchers have failed to produce enough evidence to support the problem statement, it is better to reference an authoritative figure who expressed the same opinion. Do not forget another thing: when you are working on an analysis research paper, you will have to reference the most authoritative and respected figures in the field. This requires time and perseverance. Consider their credentials and achievements, and rely on their research findings to create a perfect analysis research paper. Now you see that argumentative and analytical research papers have many similarities. However, they are also different. Do not confuse them. Do not mix them. They are different types of essay writing, and you will need to accept this simple fact.

Also, one more thing to consider:

Imagine that you wake up at 4AM, and one of your classmates is calling you. You cannot understand what he is talking about, because his speech resembles an empty set of meaningless words. At first, he is asking you what book he could read to spare his sleepless time. Then he suddenly changes the topic and discusses one of his ex-girlfriends. What would you think? You would think that it is a nightmare, and you are dreaming. Or you may want to call the ER because you think that your friend is sick. This story tells how the lack of logic and consistency in academic writing can worsen your academic results. If you fail to follow simple logic when working on your analysis essay, it will be similar to your friend. As such, focus is everything when it comes to essay writing.

No matter if you are working on an analytical or an argumentative essay, you will have to follow the basic essay structure:

  • An introduction providing background information about your topic
  • A body comprising several paragraphs, with facts and evidence to support your thesis statement
  • A conclusion that wraps up the argument.
Follow this format and outline for any paper that you are writing, in any subject of discipline. Your introduction and conclusion can be the most important parts of your analytical essay. However, do not think that they are the largest parts as well. Make sure that your introduction and conclusion are not too large to take most of your paper. Also, check twice because they should not be identical. You can paraphrase and summarize, but you cannot copy word for word. Imagine that your essay is a sandwich. The most important part is certainly the sausage. This is the body of your paper. Do not misunderstand it! Since the general structure is similar for all essays, you should make it a habit to follow it in all academic situations. You can find plenty of sources online that show how these components of an academic essay work together. Do not miss any of these components! Now that you are nearing the final remarks and want to finish your essay draft professionally, consider valuable tips below and be sure to follow them in writing.
  1. No matter what analysis essay topics you are to discuss in your paper, you will have to revise the initial draft over and over again. You are not a writing genius. You will need to check each and every word and sentence in your paper before you are ready to submit it for grading. However, it is always good to brainstorm different topics and make notes as you are working with literature. Then you will revise your draft several times before it is perfect.
  2. Ask for a feedback before it is too late. If you have doubts as to whether your analytical essay meets the requirements of your professor, you should ask for a feedback. You can ask anyone to read your paper and analyze its components. You can ask your friend or brother/sister to look into the draft of your work and provide a response. It is always better to have someone look at your paper with an unbiased eye.
  3. Do not even try to plagiarize. Everything you take from external resources must be properly cited and referenced in the body of your work.
  4. Do not be too wordy. Analytical paper writing is all about being brief and concise. It is not a personal narrative. Nor is it a fiction story. Brevity is the key to everything. Do not make your sentences too long. Do not make it too emotional. Present your thoughts in a consistent and organized format. Your readers should be interested. They should not be bored.
Now it is time to translate these recommendations into a brilliant analytical or argumentative essay. Follow the spirit of academic writing and use our tips to produce a perfect essay. If you feel that it is still above your best talents, you can always ask for help from Writer-Elite.com. Talented writers with Master’s and Ph.D. degrees from reputable institutions will be more than glad to give you a helping hand!
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