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Plagiarism-Free Papers

All papers written by our experts are plagiarism-free, we offer a plagiarism report in PDF for a small fee.


Elite Writers

Our writers can easily write papers in over 70 fields, just enter topic you need and choose the subject.


‘Preferred Writer’ Option

The writer you liked can be assigned to your orders, just enter the ID of the “preferred writer”.


Paper within the Deadline

We can cope with tasks at any deadline or academic level, your path to success will become easier at once.

Meet Our TOP Writers


Professional Custom Writing Service

Writer-Elite.com offers a high-quality custom essay writing service to students all over the world. The paper you order undergoes a thorough inspection to ensure it is free from plagiarism.

  • In-Depth Research

    Our writers carry out detailed research into the topic before they start processing your order.

  • 24/7 Expert Assistance

    Our qualified support team is ready to answer any of your questions 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

  • Instant Download

    You can download your papers from your account and leave your feedback on the writer’s performance.

  • Timely Delivery

    We guarantee that your order is delivered right on schedule as we realize the importance of meeting the deadlines.

Our expert staff follows effective quality control procedures to check whether the final draft complies with the rules of English grammar and the selected formatting style. Such a painstaking approach continues to make our writing service so popular with students. To enjoy the established reputation, we choose to provide services of excellent quality. All our writers are highly qualified professionals who have considerable experience in their academic field.

These are just a few of the notable features of our service that ensure we can offer you proper academic help. The superior quality of our work is one of the reasons we have such a large customer base. When customers come to us for assistance, they have high expectations of our custom essay writing service. To stand out and justify your hopes, we are dedicated to providing original and skillfully written custom papers. Every essay, term and research paper, thesis, dissertation chapter, or any other type of assignment we deliver based on competence and proficiency. You can trust us with any academic challenge you face – Writer-Elite.com will effectively deal with it.

“Write My Essay: Professional Responses with Free Order Features

Students who order papers at our essay writing service receive comprehensive assistance. Our writing help includes working on custom texts with a careful approach to formatting, structuring, and using up-to-date references. Moreover, responses to “do my essay” also include features for free:

  • Table of contents.
  • Abstract.
  • Simple outline.
  • Formatting.
  • Reference page.

With these features, students don’t need to ask how to format an essay because our experts can do it for free. Also, some features are provided on demand. For instance, students can indicate in paper instructions that they need a table of contents with a clear, organized breakdown of the sections or chapters, or an abstract that is a part for many academic papers that offers a concise summary of the essay’s key points. Our online essay writing services strive to meet every customer’s needs.

The Best Deal for Essay Writing Help with Fair Prices

When assignments pile up, many students find themselves thinking, “Should I order an essay from a paper writing service?” or “Is it possible to pay someone to write my essay without compromising on quality?” If you’re one of those students, the answer is ‘yes’, and here’s why.

The search for reliable paper writing help can be messy. It often leads students to myriad options when they enter every word they think can be useful in one search like, for instance, “custom paper write essay for me writing service” request. However, the best deal isn’t just about the cost, but the value you get for your money. While it may be tempting to opt for the cheapest offer, true value lies in finding a service that combines affordability with high-quality outcomes.

By choosing to pay for an essay with a service that understands the financial constraints of students, you can secure a balance between fair prices and excellent results. This means you won’t have to break the bank to receive a well-researched, professionally written paper tailored to your needs. Our company is developed to be the best choice for students.

Additionally, the peace of mind you get from knowing you’ve entrusted your assignment to a competent online essay writer is priceless. So, when you think, “I wish I could pay for essay,” remember that our writing platform offers the best deal.

We have discounts for first time and regular customers as well as loyalty programs and bonuses that make it a good decision to cooperate with our professional academic writing services. In addition to fair prices, we have amazing professionals that can be chosen based on specific needs and requirements. When you use our essay paper writing service, you are in control of the writing process and can expect top results.

Customers share reasons for ordering papers

Experienced elite writersExperts with BA, MA, and Ph.D. degrees
80+ academic disciplinesWriters can work on different topics
Any paper typeEssays, case studies, and other papers
Precision with instructionsPapers from scratch to meet criteria
300 words per pageGet more content for a better price
No AIHuman-written texts only

Choose Your Elite Essay Writer for Hire

With the right expert by your side, it’s easy to transform a daunting task into a seamless experience. Here’s your chance to select the best fit for your needs.

  • UK or US Expert. Depending on your curriculum or linguistic preference, you can choose between writers proficient in UK English or US English. This approach ensures that the nuances, spellings, and phrasings align perfectly with your region’s academic expectations.
  • Preferred Writer. Found a writer whose style resonates with you? Or perhaps someone who previously crafted the perfect piece for your needs? You can always request your preferred writer for subsequent projects, ensuring consistency and a personal touch to your assignments.
  • Top 10 professionals. For those who seek nothing short of excellence, we present our elite ‘Top 10 Experts’. These individuals are seasoned writers that stand out for their unmatched success rates, rave reviews, and proven track record in diverse academic fields.

Your essay is a reflection of your academic aspirations. Why leave it to chance? Take control and choose the best essay writers, ensuring that your paper not only meets but exceeds expectations. With your vision and our expert’s touch, academic success is just a few keystrokes away.

Top Essay Services for Students

Our custom paper writing services acknowledge that students need more than just raw information to stand out; they require refined, precise, and impactful content. Thus, we go beyond conventional offerings to provide holistic academic support.

  • Custom writing. Every student is unique, and so are their ideas and perspectives. Recognizing this, our custom writing service crafts essays that are tailored to your specific requirements and voice. From capturing the essence of the topic to integrating personal viewpoints, our papers deserve a high grade.
  • Editing and proofreading. Good essay can become great when it’s polished to perfection. Even the most well-researched content can have inadvertent errors, be it grammatical, syntactical, or structural. Our essay writing help editors meticulously check every line, refining the language, ensuring coherence.
  • Rewriting and source verification. If you have existing content that needs a rewrite or you’re unsure about the credibility of your sources, our rewriting and source verification service steps in. We enhance the originality of your essay while double-checking every fact, quotation, and reference, ensuring that your paper stands up to the most rigorous scrutiny.

We don’t just provide solutions, we offer excellence. Whether you’re starting from scratch or refining existing content, we provide the most skilled essay writers for hire who can complete a variety of tasks on demand.

Our responses to “write my college essay for me” request also include VIP services and writing quality levels that ensure unparalleled content sophistication, depth, and precision tailored for discerning clients seeking the best. For more information, get in touch with our support department and they will find the best offer for you.

Place Orders in Various Disciplines with Our Custom Paper Service

Whether you’re delving into the sciences, arts, business, or any other discipline, you can hire experienced writers to cater to your every academic need. Here’s a glimpse of our wide-ranging expertise:

  1. Nursing essay writing service. Need help with projects in healthcare? Our specialized nursing essay writing service understands the demands of this field. With writers proficient in medical jargon, patient care narratives, and healthcare policies, we deliver texts that are both insightful and technically sound.
  2. Research paper writing service. Research assignments require a blend of in-depth analysis, accurate data interpretation, and a flair for academic writing. Our experts excel in all these domains, crafting texts that present facts.
  3. Following with the order type. Whether it’s a term paper, thesis, coursework, case study, PowerPoint Presentation, report, or any other academic project, our diverse team has specialists for every type of paper.

Our platform provides exclusive help when students ask to “write my essay for me”. No matter the complexity or subject matter, our commitment remains the same: to deliver excellence, every single time.

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About us

Our company provides valuable aid to students in need saving their time and effort. We believe that our professional academic assistance will help you focus on the major tasks you encounter and pursue your academic career with joy and ease.

George Bernard Shaw once said, “We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future.” You should not waste time contemplating your past failures but move forward and grab your future by the horns with our elite writers. We know what you need, and we care about your success.

Frequently Asked Questions

What measures do you have in place to ensure that the content provided by your human writers is original and not plagiarized?

We employ several measures to ensure the originality of content provided by our human writers. This includes the use of advanced plagiarism detection tools, the expertise of our writers in conducting thorough research and proper citation, rigorous quality assurance checks before delivery, and a commitment to addressing any client concerns regarding originality promptly and satisfactorily. These measures collectively ensure that the content we deliver is entirely original, authentic, and of the highest quality.

Can you guarantee that my paper will be written entirely by a human writer, without any involvement of AI or automated content generation tools?

Yes, we can guarantee that your paper will be written entirely by a human writer, and there will be no involvement of AI or automated content generation tools in the writing process. Our team consists of skilled human writers who are experts in their respective fields, ensuring that your paper is crafted with care, expertise, and authenticity.

Do you utilize any AI content generators, such as ChatGPT or similar language models, in your writing process?

As an essay writing service, we solely rely on human writers for our content creation process. We do not utilize AI content generators like ChatGPT or similar language models. Our team comprises experienced human writers who are experts in various fields, ensuring high-quality and authentic content tailored to each client's requirements.

Do you guarantee no plagiarism?

We take plagiarism issues very seriously and will never allow it in our professional writing company. We rely on professional and effective plagiarism-detection software that is available to find the slightest signs of plagiarism, and we will never send a plagiarized paper to a customer. Any writer engaging in an attempt to plagiarize is immediately terminated, and the order will be re-written by another writer. Fortunately, we have never had to terminate a writer for plagiarism.

Are high grades guaranteed?

We cannot predict the judgments of your professors. We never say state the grades for our papers are guaranteed. Still, what we guarantee is originality, high quality, and an option of free revisions.

In case some changes are needed, can I request a revision?

If you see that some of the instructions are not met and the custom essay has certain flaws, you can use a chance to request for a revision if not more than 48 hours passed after the paper delivery. The only requirement to this is to keep to the initial set of guidelines and instructions without any changes. All new specifications are added, the writer will be able to assist you only if a compensation order is placed.

Who will complete my assignment?

We have a team of experienced writers who complete the tasks in all fields of study. All of them are professors and teachers with profound knowledge and experience.

Is there any option of getting the paper earlier than the moment of deadline expiration?

We have developed a strict delivery policy. You will get the assigned paper by the deadline requested in the order. Still, earlier delivery is possible if you cover the price difference with compensation. If you face some emergency and you need the paper earlier, you can get in touch with the Live Chat representative and we will assist you with placing a compensation order and evaluating its price.

Do you give any guarantee of quality if you write my papers? Can I be sure that my grades will be high?

You do understand for sure that we cannot promise that your grade will be A+. What we can guarantee is the level of writing and our conscientious attitude to work. You can be sure in the proper writing as our experts hold Ph.D. and Master’s degrees in a wide scope of subject areas. We have so many satisfied customers and so much experience that we are sure that our work will be a great solution for you.

How should I choose the type of assignment?

If you need assistance with choosing the assignment types, you can contact the representatives of live chat or email us with all the details of the order. We will provide the instructions after we have analyzed the specifications you have sent. You will get a piece of advice from us on the type of papers you need.

What is the urgency for the order and how is the paper given to me?

You choose the urgency and we always stick to the chosen deadline. You pay for the order according to the chosen timeframe. For example, if the chosen urgency is 2 days, you will get the assignment in 48 hours. The writer will finalize the paper and then upload it to the website. You get it from the website account after you get a notification via email. You can download the assignment from the account after you are notified about the completion.

Is it possible to get the refund as bonus credits? Can they be used later on?

Contact one of the agents of Customer Care (using a phone number or Live Chat) that you need your money refunded. After the approval of the refund, you will find the bonus credits in your personal account immediately. You will have the option of using the credited bonus to place another order.

How shall I place the order if I have an hour-long online test? Shall I check on the options of urgencies? Can you assist me?

It is much better to check on the availability of a specific writer before placing the order. Please get in touch with one of the Customer Care representatives to get assistance.

Do you ensure the privacy of details? Do you share personal details with anybody?

Our Privacy Policy is very strict. We bear responsibility for the confidentiality of all the details and both our writers and our clients feel secure. We take measures to prevent all types of issues with non-disclosure. Our writers never know either the name or the gender of the customers. The customers do not know the names of the writers either.

The procedure of registration implies providing contact details, including the phone number. Why should I do that?

We do not insist on getting all of your personal details. You can share only your email with us, but we would like to note that the availability of the phone number can improve the efficiency of the communication and writing process as in some cases we may need some urgent clarifications.

If I choose the top level of writing in the options for the order, shall I also pay for the option of a Preferred Writer?

If you choose the top level of writing, it means that the assignment of the paper to one of the writers will be done immediately after the payment is verified. One of the most experienced writers who are on the list of 30 top writers with expertise in the chosen subject area. Moreover, the customers get the paper associated with a detailed plagiarism report. However, if you want to get a specific writer assigned to your order, you will have to choose this service additionally. You will get several orders done by the same writer to keep the same style of writing and you will also get the top writing service and the plagiarism report from the company.

Can I get the completed assignment via email?

After the deadline expires, the paper gets available in your account and you can download it. Besides, there will be an email notification with a link for downloading the paper.

In case the writer is quick and the order is completed earlier, will you send it to me?

We want our customers to be specific with deadlines. You set the deadline and we work accordingly. The urgency determines the salary of the assigned writer and editor and the overall price of the paper. So, the earlier provision requires an extra payment.

I have tried to pay for the order, but I have experienced issues with that. How could you help me?

We do not process payments. So, all the payment issues should be addressed to the bank. We recommend using either another method of payment or another debit/credit card. One more option is to use either a different device or a different browser. If that does not help, you can contact our customer support directly and clarify the issues of your specific case.

Where do you upload my completed paper?

As soon as the deadline expires, the paper appears in the customer’s account. You can check on the list of Processing/Completed orders and opt for the order you need right now in the Files section.

I find it difficult to place the order. What shall I do?

In case there are any issues with placing the order although you have filled all the necessary fields, you have to check on the attached files. If there is a problem with attaching the files, you can email all the files and we will attach them to the order. Do not forget to indicate the order ID in the email title.

When can I get access to my paper?

You get the completed order after the set deadline expires. After the verification of payment, the countdown starts. You can calculate when the paper will be available to you as the urgency of the order implies that you will receive the paper exactly in the number of hours you choose. For instance, the urgency of 1 day means that you will get the paper in 24 hours.

Will I see that the order has a writer assigned?

You can check on all the details in the customer’s account. The status of the order will change for “Payment Verification” if the payment does not go through. If that happens, you are supposed to click on the button “Pay now” and make a required payment or you just send the company a receipt if you have already paid. When the writer is assigned to the order, it gets the status “Processing.” You can download the assignment when you see that the status of the order is “Sent / Completed.”

How are notifications sent?

Any changes or actions in the customer’s account with the order are accompanied by automatic emails. Moreover, it is possible to get notifications via system messages, text messages, and phone calls.

Can I order a coding task?

Our company has a team of writers, not programmers. So, we do not process any assignments related to programming, coding, or the development of applications.

I have an online test. Can you help me with it?

One of the options we offer is passing online tests and exams. Just place an order, selecting the type “Online Exam” and give all the required details together with the necessary materials, files, lectures, and books, if needed. The writer will use all those materials for preparation. The description should cover all the details: duration, number of questions, time, date, and so on. Specification of all the requirements is important as the writer needs to get ready and then log into the website and pass the test.

What shall I do to download my completed paper?

Get to your personal profile and download the paper from there. Find the section Orders and then use the Files tab. You will be notified with an email that the order is completed so that you did not waste any minute. Just use a link from your email to start downloading.

Is it possible to communicate with the assigned writers?

You can use the messaging system to talk to the writers from the customer’s account. In case the writer does not respond or the issue is extremely urgent, you can get in touch with a representative of our customer support online.

I know about the revision policy, but I realized that changes are needed after placing the order. So, I cannot apply for a free revision, but really need the writer’s help. How can I get assistance?

If your request for a free revision is sent too late, you can choose the “Revision” assignment type and place a new order either for the same writer or a new one.

What Is your main service?

We are in the essay writing online industry. Students buy custom products of the following types: essays, research papers, projects, presentations, case studies, reviews, analyses, assistance with theses, dissertations, etc. To accomplish this, we employ writers with graduate degrees from quality institutions, and they work in their degree areas to provide original and customized writing to our customers.

How do I get my order when it is finished?

When you buy custom essay writing from us, you will get a personal order/account page on our site. You use this page for confidential communication with your writer, to contact our support department, and upload information for your writer. When your order is completed, you will receive an e-mail notification and will see a new file uploaded into the personal membership area (please be certain that you have provided a valid email address in the ordering process). Once your order is ready for download, you can find it in your personal profile in the “Completed Orders” section. If you want any changes, use the tab for revision requests, and tell your writer what you want to be changed.

Who are your writers?

All of our writers have graduate degrees from English-speaking universities. They go through a rigorous employment process that involves submission of degrees and transcripts, a lengthy examination that covers scholarly writing skills, and the production of an original piece of research writing that we assign. This process allows us to maintain full quality control of the writers’ activity. Once an order is placed, it is analyzed for type, schooling level, specific instructions, and any other information the customer has provided (e.g., deadline). We then locate the writer who is qualified to produce particular writing and assign the order. You can always inquire about the information about the specific qualifications of your writer, and we are happy to provide them. If your order is for extremely complex work (e.g., thesis or dissertation) or if the topic or type is quite rare, please, contact our support department to be certain that we have a writer who can start immediately. We do not want to waste our customers’ time and will be completely honest with you regarding your order and our ability to produce it. When you buy custom essay writing from us, you have full control of your order and the process in general.

How may I communicate with my writer directly?

This is a unique feature of Writer-Elite.com. Once a writer has been selected and assigned, a messaging system is set on your personal account page. Here you may upload information for the writer, ask the writer about the details of the paper, and answer any questions that the writer may have for you. We believe that regular communication between the two of you results in a final product which you will be fully satisfied with. You may also contact our customer support department through your account page – 24/7! Or you can just call us.

What If I want changes in the final product?

We are the best essay service because we do our best to make customers happy. When you purchase essay writing from us, you can rely on a number of guaranties, including a Free Revision Guarantee; meaning you can ask for a free revision within 48 hours after the deadline.

How Do You Price Orders?

Pricing is differentiated based upon the nature of the order and the deadline. We do not have the cheap essay price that many inferior services have. We do have reasonable pricing reflecting the quality of services provided, which is guaranteed by the professional writers. You can certainly buy writing services from other places, but you will never get what we offer!

Writing process at Writer-Elite.com

The writing process at Writer-Elite.com is simple. All you have to do is just follow our easy ordering steps and get your elite essays as fast as you need!

1. Place your order

Provide us with the details and requirements. Log in and fill out an order form.

2. Make a payment

Provide the payment by using any convenient payment system. After submitting the payment – the writer will start writing.

3. Monitor the process

Watch as the writer creates your order, you are free to chat with the writer in case you need it.

4. Get your paper

Once the writer is done with your order, you will be able to download it. Get high scores and improve your academic life.


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