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A problem-solving essay is a perfect argumentative writing technique used for presenting a problem and suggesting specific methods of solving it and producing an impact on the readers’ opinion. The utmost purpose of your writing is to motivate your reader to take a certain action via offering a perfect solution to the stated problem. To show your efficiency as a writer, you are supposed to present a problem and give several solutions to the readers.

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Problem-Solving Paper Writing

You can facilitate the process of working on the problem-solving essay you have got by following the main steps. For sure, if you contact our company, one of our writing pros will ensure its perfect organization:
  • You define a problem;
  • You present alternative solutions;
  • You do the assessment and make your choice of the options;
  • You select a solution to implement it;
  • You do an evaluation of the outcomes.

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Outline for a Problem-Solving Essay 

A typical outline for this type of essay includes an introduction, followed by the main body, and finalized with a conclusion. In an introduction, the writer gives an overall understanding of the issue and adds some details on it. The problem is always mentioned in the introductory part for the first time. The paragraphs of the main body cover the problem solutions with relevant examples. The essay should be concluded with a summary of the problem and all the suggested solutions and their effects, both positive and negative.   A typical outline of a problem-solving paper is the following:
  • Introductory paragraph
  • Statement of the problem
  • Presenting the solution
  • Conclusion
The nature of the problem and solutions to it determines the number of required paragraphs.

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Starting Problem-Solving Essays

There is no universal approach to starting the paper. The main thing is to include an explanation of the problem in the introduction and the reasons why this problem is to be solved. Having decided on the problem to be presented in the paper, you can proceed to the opening of the essay that can impress the readers. What can it be? It will be perfect to start with some striking figures, statistics, facts, or incidents from real life.  Having clarified what aspects will make the opening bright, you can go on to composing a topic sentence that can briefly present the problem and corresponding solutions. It is possible to do that with any location in the introductions: at the beginning, middle, or end of the paragraph. It is popular to mention the topic at the end to give an illustration of the whole problem and a summary of the overall picture.  The main body follows the introduction. It typically comprises three paragraphs, but there can be more of them if you believe it is necessary. Still, wordiness is not the best solution here. It is always recommended to sound precise and clear so that the problem solutions sounded persuasive. Remember that all the suggested solutions should be:
  • Practical 
  • Time-effective
  • Cost-effective
  • Clear to the audience
  • Easy for implementing 
  • Visible so that the readers should understand what you offer them. It is suitable to include effective examples. 
Working on problem and solution essays, you should mind that the readers can question your suggested solutions; so, you have to be careful with your ideas. Make your arguments convincing and take into account all potential objections and possible counterarguments. is a great place to buy the best custom papers for those students who want a top-notch written work.

Working on a Concluding Part to Your Problem Solution Essays

So, you have finalized the first two parts of your essay and you are ready to get down to the final one. Your conclusion should be perfect as it is the only way to keep the attention of the readers and make sure that the paper can produce a positive impression. There should be no more than two paragraphs in your essay conclusion. Use one of the ideas on writing a good conclusion:
  • Inform the readers about the following events and consequences.
  • Give explanations for the effects of your plan.
  • Provided that the plan is implemented, give some real-life examples.
  • Cite some statistics or expert opinions.

Format of a Great Problem Solution Assignment

The format of this type of essay is not specific. Having followed your problem solution essay outline, you can use the style of formatting you prefer or the one that is required by your teacher. It can be MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard, or whatever is specified in your school. It will be easier for you to work on the paper if you have a formatting guide, so you can request it from your instructor or the writing center of your school. 

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