Personal Essay Topics

When someone writes a personal essay, they are allowing the reader to get a glimpse or insight into their life, their experiences and their personality. You may be asked to write essays like these as school coursework or when applying for college. You need to be careful, therefore, when choosing personal essay topics if you want your paper to be a success. Whatever the deadline
is, remember that we are ready to help! We suggest you personal essay topics college students are looking for.

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Suggested personal essay topics, which we hope will inspire you:

  • A place that is special to you.
  • Something you would invent.
  • A moment when your life changed dramatically.
  • How you faced your worst fear and overcame it.
  • A moment of great disappointment in your life – a good choice for anyone looking for personal narrative essay topics!
  • The best and proudest moment you have ever experienced.
  • The most difficult decision you have ever faced.
  • The importance of money in your life.
  • How you can make a success of life.
  • How you and your closest friend met.
  • A time you failed.
  • The era or time period you like best.
  • When you got new hope from kindly words.
  • What country you would choose to live in given the chance.
  • The traits that make your family so special. Another good option if you are looking for essay topics for college.
  • Your feelings when you were let down by a friend.
  • A time you thought of running away.

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  • What you think your pet would say if they could speak.
  • What type of make-over you would have.
  • A movie scene you watch repeatedly.
  • A time you were surprised by a change in circumstances.
  • What changes you would like to make to your friend’s life if you could.
  • A thing you secretly like.
  • What animal you would choose to be.
  • A very lucky day in your life – a topic worth considering if you are tasked with writing a personal essay.
  • What super power you would like.
  • What you would do with power.
  • Words you found hurtful.
  • How effective you would be as a teacher.
  • A time you showed extraordinary bravery.
  • The most embarrassing moment in your life.
  • The most frightening moment in your life.
  • Describe one job a robot could not do.
  • The family time you value most.
  • A great misfortune or loss you experienced. This is highly recommended for anyone looking for good personal essay topics.
  • The best ever discovery.
  • How your life was changed by a certain book.
  • Why you do not tell lies.
  • What aspect of yourself you would change.
  • What you think life and the world would have been like if you had lived a century ago.
  • The ugliest thing you have seen – ever.
  • What would be different about your life if you were a house rather than a human?
  • A place you always avoid.
  • A museum you really want to go and visit.
  • How you would change the world.
  • A time you made a very bad decision – why not try this topic when you are next writing a personal essay for college?
  • A time you made a very good decision.
  • The type of charity you would start up.
  • The thing you find most irresistible.
  • What animal would you nominate as world leader?
  • The time you just wanted to hide from everyone.
  • How you would spend a million dollars.
  • The place you would hide if you needed to.
  • A vital lesson you learned in childhood.
  • An accident that altered your life significantly.
  • An encounter that was too close for comfort. This is one of our most popular personal essay topics.
  • Explain the meaning of color.
  • The most awesome thing you saw.
  • Your secret talent.
  • The toughest lesson you have ever learnt.
  • The hardest thing you have ever had to say to someone.
  • The gift you would most like to get.

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