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Most students know for its premier online custom essay and paper production. They know that we have the writers, the policies, the benefits and the guarantees that give them original and perfectly written essays, research papers, as well as writing assistance with a full range of coursework assignments and projects. Actually, we have the best reputation in the business as an honest and reliable service from which to buy academic writing of any nature.

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A lot of students are unfamiliar with our professional editing service, however, and we want to take some time here to explain how our editing can improve your grades and lead to greater success in the classroom, or with those tough advisors and committees who are evaluating your work.

Our editing service operates much like our custom writing service. We ask that editing customers place an order and select the “editing and proofreading” tab on the order form.  We need to know the topic, the academic level, and the nature of the work (e.g., admissions essay, research paper, case study, thesis, dissertation, etc.). Only when we have this information can we assign an editor to the project.

Our editors work just as our writers do. You will have a personal account page, and you will upload your work to be edited to your personal editor. Understand that your editor has been selected because s/he has the academic background to know your topic area, as well as a writing background that suits the nature of your work. We individualize our writing and editing service in the same way!

No plagiarism or errors! With you do not have to worry about uniqueness and quality of your paper.

All editing has two phases:

  1. Phase One: Review for structural fluency, coherency, and flow. The body of any work must move logically from one point to the next with good transitions in between.  Should your editor find any areas for improvement, s/he will contact you and make suggested revisions.  You have the right to approve or not. If you approve, the text/content will be revised accordingly.
  2. Phase Two: This is really the proofreading part of our paper editing service. It is really English editing, for our professional will check for sentence structure, good grammar usage (pronoun/antecedent agreement, verb usage and tense, fragments, run-ons, etc.), appropriate vocabulary, and spelling errors that “spell-check” may have missed. Punctuation will be cleaned up if necessary. All format details will be reviewed to be certain that margins, pagination, title page, in-text, and end of text citations all adhere to the required style. This “polishing,” as we like to call it, will not require your input, because no text or content is really being altered.

When you receive your final edited draft, you will have ample opportunity to review it and approve of the revisions that have been made. For complex tasks, such as thesis or dissertation editing services, you will have more time than normal, and you will probably have already had a progressive delivery structure so that as each section or chapter is edited, it will be sent to you for approval. This avoids a long process at the end for you.

Our editing service is as comprehensive and as scholarly as our writing and editing services are; however, you will also find that we have a wonderfully cheap editing price, which you will love. With basic essays and papers, we can usually have the editing accomplished within 24-48 hours; for longer and more complex works, obviously, the time frame expands, but, again, the progressive delivery will cut down your final review time. Please, give us your deadline requirements when you place your order with us.

We know you will be as pleased with our editing and proofreading service as you are with our custom writing services. You will be happy you had the objective “eye” of a professional!