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At, we know the ins and outs of academic writing. Not only can we assist you with full-length essays, we also provide services for students who want help with short answers to questions and the best answers to open-ended essay questions. We would also be happy to provide students examples of answers to open-ended questions. There are so many reasons to turn to us when you are in need of short answers to questions for college exams and short essay tests.

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Questions & Answers When purchasing a Questions & Answers order type, you will receive a set of answers to the list of questions you provide with the assignment. A characteristic feature of this type of the assignment is that every answer is provided in a separate paragraph. The answers can be related either to the essay questions (i.e. each answer is organized as a composition) or be structured as exam questions (shorter ones). A distinct feature of this order type is that no introductory or conclusive paragraphs are required. Multiple Choice Questions When your professor assigns you a task to provide answers to multiple choice questions, then you are expected to select right answers (sometimes it could be the wrong ones) from the given set of questions. Usually, students are not given much time for this type of assignment, so the questions need to be answered fairly quickly. In this assignment, no extra text is needed to be written – it is just required to select one suitable option according to the question provided. If you are wondering how many pages to place for a multiple choice task, calculate the number of pages according to the formula: 1 page=5 multiple choice questions. Online Test As in case of multiple choice questions, students need to determine what answer among the given options is correct. The only difference between these two types of assignments is that online test (as it can be inferred from its name) should be done in online regime. However, there is a possibility to order it from our custom writing service within the deadline of 3-6 hours. The applicable calculation rule is the same as in multiple choice questions – 5 test questions per one page. When you order questions types of papers, keep in mind that the very formulation of the questions is not counted into the word count limit.

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  • With short answer and short essay questions, we wave the word count conditions that apply to full essays.
  • All orders – including short answers to questions – are checked for plagiarism, assuring their uniqueness.
  • When you ask us to answer short answer questions for college questions, we provide a title page and list of references at your request, absolutely free!
  • Our writers can provide thorough answers to open-ended questions for college exams 600 words per page single spaced or 300 words double-spaced.

Answers to open-ended questions: what do they entail?

Here is the rundown on short answers to questions in the open-ended format. The main purpose is to give students a chance to provide their own personal insights and unique observations as opposed to answering a simple “yes or no” question. Sometimes exams will consist entirely of a short essay or short response questions, but they can also be found at the end of multiple-choice questions as well. As you answer short answer questions for college exams, give yourself around 10 to 15 minutes for each.

Advice for successful writing short answers to questions

As you look at the short answer questions, make sure to identify the main points and essential details while reading the prompt. It would not hurt to read the question twice before you start writing. That way you can avoid misunderstandings. Finally, utilize QASI in which the answer is structured like the following: Question: As you begin writing the answer, it is best to restate the question. This demonstrates to your professor that the question itself is clear. Answer:
  • If a question contains several parts, make sure to answer all of them. Professors sometimes give zeroes for questions that were only partially answered.
  • If a question is broken into bullets, as a rule you should devote one paragraph to each one. Thus, a question with three bullets would merit three paragraphs.
  • If the bullets are themselves broken into parts, all of them should be answered accordingly as well.
  • This element is crucial because it gives credibility to your answer and demonstrates that you are not merely making up your own facts.
  • Summarize, paraphrase, or directly quote sources in order to make the best case for your argument.
  • Use proper transitions. For example, “In the third paragraph, the author suggests…”
  • This final step entails your conclusions. Doing this properly can improve your score.
  • Conclude with a discussion on the broader implications and takeaways. You can even discuss how it relates to your own experiences or is applicable based on current events.
It is important to finish your short answer essay on a high note, so keep it creative.

Additional tips for writing a successful short essay question:

  • Make sure you truly understand the question
This point cannot be stressed enough. Imagine coming up with a well-written question only to discover it was not what the professor was looking for. This often happens when students work too fast on the test. Do not feel rushed just because of the time limit. Pace yourself and read through the questions deliberately before answering.
  • Use persuasive and emotional language
You want to appeal to the reader, especially since he/she is responsible for grading your test. Make powerful statements, keep it factual, and avoid including irrelevant information. The good points get lost in the shuffle if you distract the reader with inaccurate information.
  • Be mindful of the arguments that you choose
You might want to write as much as you about a topic, but this is a bad idea as it causes the essay to lose focus. Besides, you are limited in terms of the length of the answer, so you definitely want to narrow it down to the points that will make the biggest impact. Digressions will only lead to point reductions, even if you consider the information to be interesting.