Additional Services

Progressive Delivery

What is progressive order delivery? It is an exclusive service available at our custom writing company that enables you to monitor the writing process of long papers. As such, if you order a 20+ page double-spaced or 10+ pages single-spaced paper, you will receive drafts or paper sections throughout the writing process.

Core Benefits of the Service:

  • Waiting for the final paper can be rather exhausting, especially if you worry whether the paper will turn out to be of the premium quality. With this service, you will get an outstanding opportunity to monitor the quality of writing. You will receive paper parts from time to time, and will thus be able to direct the writer onto the right track if needed and leave some comments regarding the paper organization.
  • You will be granted 30 days of free revision after the deadline expiration.
  • A personal manager will monitor the writing process and will inform you in case some additional explanations, details or materials are needed from you.
  • Your paper will be trusted to the most experienced writers and editors working on our team.

No plagiarism or errors! With you do not have to worry about uniqueness and quality of your paper.

You Will Receive Drafts According to the Following Schedule*:

  • If you have given four days or less for the completion of the order, you will receive a draft after 50% of the deadline has passed. The volume of the draft equals 25% of the paper word count.
  • If you have granted 5-11 days for the paper writing, you will receive two drafts – after 25% and 50% of the deadline respectively. The number of words for the first draft will equal to 25% of the total volume and for the second draft – 50% of the paper volume.
  • If you have granted 12 or more days to work on the paper, you will receive three drafts over the writing process. The procedure of getting the first two drafts is the same as in the example above. The third draft will contain 75% of the final text and will be sent after 75% of the deadline has passed.

Progressive Delivery costs additional 15% to the total order price.

*In case you want to make some changes in the draft delivery schedule, you are free to discuss it with your personal manager. In case your proposition is approved, your assigned writer will send you drafts according to the newly agreed option.

Services for Short Papers

  • Summary

If you need to report on your research findings or summarize the key points of the paper, you are free to order a paper summary. Your assigned writer will summarize the main points in 300 words.

  • Draft

When professors give you long deadlines to write a paper, they want to make sure you work on it consistently and manage the time properly. In such cases, they require you to submit drafts of your working progress. In such cases, the draft service will come in handy. You can order either a 300-word if the paper is double-spaced or a 600-word draft if the paper is single-spaced and it will be sent to you after 50% of the deadline.

  • Extended Revision

While you are given only two days to send a free revision request, with the extended revision you will get 14 days of free revision.

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