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A movie critique essay is a type of academic writing that centers on analyzing a given movie and evaluating it according to a variety of aspects and criteria. Apart from providing movie analysis, a writer needs to write a brief paragraph of movie summation, paying ample attention to the main plot twists and characters. Apart from that, a writer has to demonstrate own evaluation regarding the movie, particularly whether it was worth watching, whether the core idea was properly conveyed, whether the topic was properly addressed. It is also advisable to indicate whether the movie was interesting, attention-grabbing, and intriguing. Last but not least, a significant aspect of movie critique essay writing is to provide sufficient evidence from the movie to support your analysis and opinion.

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Components of a movie critique essay:

1. Introduction.

Here a writer needs to introduce the subject, theme or core idea of the film. Besides, it is necessary to set background of the movie, introduce its main characters, and finish the paragraph with a strong and clearly formulated thesis statement, where the writer provides argumentation on the movie aspects, strengths, weaknesses, for/ against arguments, etc.

2. The main body.

Here a writer needs to provide body paragraphs, where each of them focuses on a separate aspect mentioned in the thesis statement. Each paragraph should be adequately developed: with an opening sentence, discussion, illustrations and examples, as well as a closing sentence.

3. Conclusion.

A writer needs to reiterate the thesis statement and pinpoint to the connection of critique findings with the aspects expressed in the thesis. It is also essential to provide personal opinion on the movie and state whether it was worth watching it.

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How to Write a Movie Critique

1. Analyze whether the movie characters and the choice of actors cast correspond to the main idea of the film and its main message. Evaluate the actors’ play while writing a critique as well.

2. Analyze the plot on the whole: say whether it is captivating, whether it distracts attention from some important matters, whether it has comprehensive dialogues, whether it has some rapid turns of events, etc.

3. Is the story properly explained? If not, what could have been done to better convey the message?

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Easy Steps to Writing a Movie Critique

It can be tough to write a critical evaluation of the movie only when you have no plan or outline for your work. However, when you consider specific steps needed to come up with a quality paper, the task will seem much easier. Check out the preparatory stage of writing movie critique papers.

Step 1. Watch the movie carefully. When watching the movie, make sure you are attentive enough to consider all details, plot twists, characters’ features, and other aspects. To succeed in this very first pre-writing step, you need to ensure that you are watching the movie as a critique but not as a member of general public. You need to make pauses and jot down important information about the film. Therefore, make sure you have a piece of paper or a notebook with a pen. Write down all points that attract your attention or that arise questions in your mind. Pay attention to dialogues as well.

Step 2. Focus on the identification of the major movie elements. Identify the main topic and possible subtopics that are present in your movie. This step should be completed as one of the first ones since the theme centers all the other events around.

Step 3. Closely consider the movie characters and the role of each one in the events. Make sure you write down brief description of each character and the point of the movie where each of the characters is introduced into the film. Indicate their roles and which characters are positive or negative (if there is such division).

Step 4. Focus on the very cinematographic techniques and the role of director and other film-making cast. Narrate about the film-making techniques, effects, music, visuals, costumes, etc.

Step 5. Provide a succinct synopsis of the movie in form of an outline. An outline will help organize your thoughts in a more structured and clear way. Therefore, make sure you have a plan. Pinpoint to different ideas, themes, and plot twists. Do not merely focus on discussion and narration, though. Your core task is to analyze the movie.

Step 6. Start writing the film critique. After you have covered all of the aforementioned steps, it is high time to start writing your essay. To organize the paragraphs, you may use the following structure:

Paragraph 1: indicate the movie title, release date, director, cast, and formulate your central argument at the end of the paragraph.

Paragraph 2: provide a short summation of the story the movie aims to narrate.

Paragraph 3: delve into the movie structure, settings, overall style, and the core message.

Paragraph 4: analyze the movie in depth: its meaning, symbols, message that is conveyed with the help of specific cinematic devices.

Paragraph 5: reiterate your thesis and the main ideas in the conclusive paragraph.

Step 7: edit and proofread the paper. You cannot submit your essay without double-checking that it is free from grammar, punctuation, and spelling flaws, as well as typos. If you have perfect grammar, you can edit the paper on your own. Otherwise, delegate this task to service – our expert editors will gladly do it for you.

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