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What Is a Case Brief and How to Write It?

When writing a legal brief, you need to be sure about the core constituents of this document. As such, according to the standard rules, you have to provide an opening paragraph with a case citation, where you include the names of both conflicting parties, for example “Williams vs. Black.” Moreover, be sure to include the following parts:
  1. Statement of facts. The very first thing you should do is to identify each fact or issue that was raised in the case study. These issues should be those that would really matter to the court. Avoid irrelevant information or some data that is unnecessary.
  2. Switch over to the procedural history. To develop this section, make sure you address the following questions:
  • By what court was this opinion raised? Why did the case end up there?
  • What is the issue at hand? Why is it significant? Why should it be identified?
  • What rule should the judges use to articulate the court’s decision? If more than one rule is needed, mention it as well. The number of applied rules depends on the complexity of the situation. In many situations, judges should consider different rules, so be sure to identify them.
  1. Cover the practical application of the case. This section is also referred to reasoning and analysis since you have to provide explanation of the judges’ choices. Here you need to pinpoint how the court can apply a specific rule to the identified issue.
  2. Write a conclusion. Normally, it is a short paragraph that contains a statement whether the court has reversed or affirmed the case under analysis. You also need to mention the parties and indicate which party the court held to. Make sure it is clear from the conclusion who has won and who has lost.
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