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A questionnaire is a research instrument that helps retrieve important information from the respondent. It consists of a series of questions, both open-ended and closed-ended, and allows obtaining the objective data necessary for research. The open-ended questions enable the respondents to elaborate on their ideas and reflect on a specific issue, policy, or event, whereas the closed-ended questions help the researcher obtain the most accurate data. If you feel that writing a questionnaire is not something you specialize in, do not hesitate to contact our professional web-based platform and ask for professional writing survey questions help.

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If you want to find out how you can get a great questionnaire at our user-friendly website, you should know that the ordering procedure is particularly easy and convenient. Following just a few simple steps mentioned below, you will be able to get your order done in just a few clicks:

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Know the Benefits of Good Survey Questions

When working on the formulation of your questions, you need to pay attention to the difference between the survey and the questionnaire. These two assignments have different purposes, which is well reflected in the questions they provide. We highly recommend you to look through the successful questionnaire examples available on the web, especially if it is the first time you are working on a questionnaire. However, if you find this task too challenging, you can easily place your order at Writer-Elite.com and forget about your worries. Our skilled experts know the difference between the survey and the questionnaire and can provide you with an incredible piece regardless of the complexity of your instruction. So, if you are lost between the questionnaire and survey and fail to understand their specifics, just place your order at our website and we will not let you down.

  • Let us find out why writing a questionnaire can be helpful;
  • Good questions allow to obtain the necessary information from a large number of participants whereas other research methods are much more time- and effort-consuming;
  • Good questions allow the participants to provide their objective answers about their attitudes and experiences;
  • Good questions, along with the well-structured questionnaire, allow the researcher to identify the trends that will be used in the in-depth studies. Moreover, these questions help measure the participants` beliefs, viewpoints, attitudes, and behaviors towards the issues discussed in the research.

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Types of Questions

  • To write a questionnaire of good quality, you need to know which questions should be included in it. Usually, to reach the desired outcome, a researcher combines various types of questions. Some of the most widely used types of questions are:
  • Open-ended questions. Such questions enable the researcher to collect qualitative data in a questionnaire. The respondent can answer these questions in a free form without any restrictions;
  • Closed-ended questions. The closed-ended questions usually require yes/no or true/false answers. Basically, it is the easiest form of a questionnaire;
  • Multiple-choice questions. Multiple-choice questions are closed-ended questions in which the participant should choose one or several answers out of several options provided. Very often, the multiple-choice question consists of the question, incorrect answers, correct answer (s), close alternatives, and distractors;
  • Pictorial questions. This type of questions is also very easy and interesting for the participants as they should select the right image out of the number of options;
  • Scaling questions. Finally, scaling questions are based on the principles of the four measurement scales such as ordinal, nominal, ratio, and interval. Some of these questions include the ranks, Likert scales, Stapel scales, etc.

We hope that our suggestions helped you understand the essentials of writing a questionnaire. However, if you do not have the time or the necessary writing skills to write a questionnaire, let our professionals handle this task and you will be fully satisfied with the result of our cooperation!

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