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Any International Baccalaureate Diploma Program sets specific requirements for each independent research. Students across the globe strive to complete various complicated assignments. Each step they take must reveal their progress regarding the future attainment of the necessary degree. Eventually, a student thinks to himself or herself, “It is high time to write my extended essay, but how to do it in the best way possible?” This research paper has to follow a particular structure, collect reputable evidence, and present veritable data. Unsurprisingly, you may sense that you are about to fall into the pit of intricate material, confusing semantic structures, and irrelevant notions. The IB extended essay is a responsible task one in two students fails to accomplish. Even if your research question is profound, the more you delve into it, the more puzzling it becomes. Instead of tormenting your brain, it is better to choose a solution suggested by writing connoisseurs, which can be found at Writer-Elite.com.

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  • After the payment, you can attach all the instructions, extra materials, and even share your expectations of the end result. It is always favorable to clarify more aspects to achieve the unsurpassed comprehension of the IB essay complexity and purpose.
  • After you specify the deadline, you should not breach it. However, if the work completion becomes more urgent, you have to pay extra to reward the efforts of your writer.
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IB Extended Essay Guidelines

A variety of topics for the IB extended essay is a positive thing. Professors often allow students to choose themes independently. However, your choice can turn out to be even more intricate than you initially expected. Besides the investigation of the subject itself, this assignment is supposed to cover up to 4000 words. Sometimes, it is difficult to manage your time properly to carry out a thorough research and illuminate all the intentions, avoiding irrelevant data. You should be extremely focused on this task because the deadline does not wait. Of course, your extended essay is not the only task you have, but each paper directly influences your successful obtainment of a long-awaited diploma. It is a benefit that you can select a topic you are knowledgeable about. Professors usually approve students’ choices easily. In certain instances, they advise you to change the topic to make your research more refined. Despite the subject you have to elaborate on, there are unifying guidelines that can be memorized to facilitate the general process of writing.

Do not Postpone the Writing Process

Though research is the primary purpose, as you cannot write such papers, relying only on your experience and creativity, you should divide the whole process into proportional parts. Having collected the necessary literature and samples, you should start writing the first draft almost immediately. It is a great mistake not to take notes in the process of investigation. Write as many drafts and possible to see how your thoughts progress.

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Display Interest

You cannot produce anything ingenious and inspiring without the involvement. If you decided to cope with this task on your own but you do not show interest in it, it will only lead to writer’s block and immense frustration. A sly student trick lies in selecting the topic that directly reflects their hobbies or talents.

Research Ingeniously

The secret to your IB essay success is not hidden in conventional scholarly editions. Professors love when students demonstrate creativity. Become forward-thinking and try to find relevant resources beyond the academic standards. You can visit a thematic bookshop to find compelling alternatives or you can explore unique dissertations that somehow stand out, transcending the borders of traditional thinking. Resourceful risks are rewarded!

Avoid Extensive Explanations

Creative individuals often do not like the limited word count. Yet, you should stick to it, as it is not the work of independent fiction, it is an academic oeuvre in any case. There is a tactic to map out a plan, indicating the approximate number of words for each paragraph. It may seem quite pedantic, but knowing the word count for each section beforehand incredibly facilitates the process.

Focus on one Major Aspect

Though the essay is extended, this is not a thesis or a scholarly publication that broadly delves into the subject matter. Hence, you must focus on the most significant aspect and view it from different logical perspectives throughout your paragraphs. Your topic should be presented inventively and succinctly.

The Assistance of Scholarly Minds

Although we have already produced thousands of research papers with equivalent requirements, our approach is individualized despite the possible analogous tasks. It means each extended essay is never copied from another one, but created from scratch. We immerse in serious creative work and each finished piece appears to be our new achievement!
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