5 Ways To Help Charity without Donating Money


If you like helping others, but don’t have much financial resources to do so, cheer up! There are a plenty of ways to give to charity even if you don’t have extra dollars in your pocket. In fact, there are a lot of organizations that need help even if you can’t donate money.

Here are a few ways in which you can help charitable institutions:

  1. Devote your time
You can become a volunteer at an organization and spend time with people who need it. It doesn’t take money, but your help there can be even more important than material reimbursement. Maybe people need someone to rely on, to talk to or to ask for a piece of advice. Just be there for them.
  1. Support others
There’s nothing more important than support. If you know people who are into a specific project or are raising money for a good initiative, support them. There’re specific online platforms that really works. Sometimes, support is all people need to move their projects forward.
  1. Teach
You can become a teacher to others even if you are still a student. There’s always something you like or know in detail and can share with others for free. So, if you have any specific skills or hobbies or there’s something you can do with your own hands, you speak another language or use a gadget, share your knowledge for free.  Maybe something you teach others will change their lives.
  1. Entertain
If you have any talent like dancing, singing, playing or telling stories, you can help too! A song, a poem or a story, your dance or any other performance will help others cheer up. It is also charity without spending money.
  1. Cook
If you can’t buy food for others, you can help with cooking it. You can create an awesome dish for people in need and share it with them. Or you can take part in the cooking master class for the disabled people. There’re so many ways of how you can help and your engagement can be much more valuable and helpful than any money.
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