Writing a Marketing Case Study Like a Pro


Students take every new task to write with a certain degree of fear and doubt. When a professor assigns a marketing case study for the first time, it definitely looks complicated and too sophisticated to handle. Still, if you have a close look at the main principles of writing this assignment and study how to write a case study in general, it will be much easier for you to cope with the task. So, such a study can be defined as the analysis of a particular subject done in detail. It can be devoted to the analysis of a group of people or a certain person, an event or a place, a phenomenon or an organization. A common area for using this type of paper is research in education, social science, clinical practice, or business. Research implies the use of qualitative methods. Still, it may happen that the use of quantitative methods is also appropriate. If it is necessary to get a clear understanding of certain aspects of a problem, describe, evaluate, or compare some problems, researchers use this type of paper.

Types of Case Studies

There is no universal case study format. Instead, different purposes imply using different types of papers. What is the main aim of using them? The main aim is to do an in-depth analysis of a problem in a particular environment, organization, or situation.

The categories are the following:

  • Illustrative
  • Descriptive
  • Cumulative
  • Exploratory
  • Intrinsic
  • Critical instance

Case Study Format

Typically, all types of case study have a format of 8 sections:
  1. Executive summary. This part gives an explanation of the subject and provides an overview of the researched field. Not more than two sentences ought to give a summary of the observation results. The quality of a thesis statement is of great importance here.
  2. Background. This section gives a definition of the issues, includes background details, and refers to the key facts.
  3. Evaluation of the case. This is a part about the key study sections for your specific research with explanations on the reasons of why something is not working.
  4. Offered solutions. Learning how to do a case study, you have to pay special attention to realistic methods of solving the problems and potential improvements. It is also a must not only to explain but also to give evidence about the reasons why solutions are effective.
  5. Conclusion. A summary of the key issues with offered solutions and evaluation makes up a concluding part.
  6. Recommendation on the strategy to choose. For sure, it ought to give a clear explanation on why the choice is good.
  7. Implementation. Give your explanation on how it is possible to put the strategies in practice.
  8. References. Cite all the used sources.

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Components of a Marketing Case Study

Let us take a marketing case study as an example to analyze the sections we have discussed above. Thus, we will see how a basic paper can be assembled.
  1. Writing the title: It is different than it is with a story. Here you do not have to wait till the ending to let everybody know what has happened. The title is a chance to inform the readers about the results at once.
  2. Introducing the subject: A proper case analysis format implies giving a concise overview of the studied company at once.
  3. Specify the problems: Give all the important details not to make your readers wonder about what you are going to discuss.
  4. Identify the tactics and strategies: This is the most essential section and you need to learn how to create a case study to make it really impressive.
  5. Add visuals: The title serves as a preview and now you need to demonstrate how your work actually goes.
  6. Draw a conclusion: Repeating things is boring for the readers. However, if you try to give one more emphasis on the most important things, it sounds different. Do not echo your ideas. Instead, sound fresh even if you repeat what you have already told.

How Do You Write a Good Case Study in Marketing?

Do you know how to start working on your assigned task? Have you got a full understanding of how to present a case study to the audience? It seems it is easy to work on the task, especially taking into account its length. In most cases, it requires only about 500 words, not more. Nevertheless, writing, editing, and proofreading take a lot of time. You need to focus on the proofs that your subject is important and convince your audience that your research has valid results.
  • Follow the structure of an effective marketing case study
Look through the explanations we have given above. Get started, using the right strategy. Write an outline and then follow it throughout the process.
  • Define a typical problem
Have you specified a problem for your paper? If it is vague, you have not many chances to succeed in writing. Make sure that the problem you have selected looks appealing to the customer. Consider the prospects and address the set needs.
  • Give measurable solutions
Solutions are similar to the problems in their nature. They have to be measurable and simple to understand and explain. Pay special attention to the strategies and system in your answer. Potential customers need to know everything without any exception. In the case study marketing, you have to sound as a competent, honest, and knowledgeable expert.
  • Give data to illustrate the findings
To make your points sound more solid, prove them and support with data. However, do not provide too much information. Focus on the points that serve as a proof of the accomplished goals. Make the data visual and help your readers understand them through seeing.
  • Tell a story
Careful editing is a must in case of business writing. It goes beyond analyzing every detail. Actually, you can view your work as a journey to reach the needed solutions. Your customers will join you to see how you reach your destination. Position yourself as a story hero. Why? It motivates other people and encourages them to seek your products.
  • Bring the case to an end
Having completed the first draft, you have to read through the case study to find any available inconsistencies. There can be gaps either in structure or content. Ask the following questions:
  1. Can you say that the thesis statement is direct?
  2. Is the evidence solid?
  3. Are all case components present?
Submit the final draft only after you have revised and edited all the sections.


All in all, your case study marketing strategy in a well-organized business document is important. Get an effective overview of everything that happened and address real-life problems in the areas of the healthcare industry, business, justice, and so on. Help your readers look at the situations from a new angle. Show them a new scenario now. If you believe you need help with it, contact our writing service for support.
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