Benefits of Being a Teacher


There are numerous reasons why people want to work in the sphere of teaching. For some of them, it is not merely a profession but a lifelong mission. Becoming a teacher can be hard as a person needs not only to know the subject inside out but also to be good at communication with people (especially of different age groups). I bet that all of us must have had a teacher who was a special one – not like all the others – and inspirational in his/ her own way. Very often such special teachers that we have met in high school or college are a kind of inspiration why we choose teaching career for ourselves. This career will never be boring because each day is totally different from the previous ones. Luckily, you are not involved in some tedious manual work and as a teacher you always communicate with different people and have various things to discuss. Every day you answer the questions of your curious and investigative students and you just can’t help wondering how clever they are. Moreover, while teaching (even if you are involved in teaching in some nursery or primary school) you discover a lot of new things for yourself. You actually find yourself in the lifelong process of constant learning. What can be better than always having an opportunity to broaden your outlook? Finally, if you really love teaching, what can be better than having a profession that you truly enjoy and derive sheer satisfaction from? By doing what you love, you can help children broaden new horizons and open new doors in front of them.

Check out a brief list of perks that teaching has:

  1. Teachers know the answers and they are the ones who share knowledge. Isn’t it great when people come to you for any advice? Or when they view you as a reliable and trustworthy person with whom they can consult?
  2. Teachers have loooong vacations. Wow! That’s really the biggest perk of being a teacher. You don’t have to work in summer!
  3. Teachers are always in demand. It seems that this profession will be always topical and even if you do not have an official job position, for now, you can always be a private tutor.
  4. You can be the one who inspires now. Remember all those great and enthusiastic teachers who inspired you in childhood? You can be the one like that right now. With your passion and enthusiasm, you can inspire your students to strive for the best and to find their niche in life.
  5. As a rule, teachers spend fewer working hours than their counterparts. Of course, they have to prepare some materials at home, but all in all it’s not the same as working in an office.
  6. Teaching will help you to become a real expert in your subject field. Even if you start as an inexperienced teacher. At least one year of daily teaching experience with all those explanations of the material will help you know the subject inside out.
  7. If you have children, your schedule will allow you to spend more time with them at home (as you won’t be teaching late hours).
  8. The fact that you love what you do will always keep you motivated at work.
  9. You will enjoy such perks as pension plans and health insurance + tuition reimbursements and paid sick leaves.
Teachers enjoy a solid paycheck. Besides, they have opportunities of being promoted and receiving salaries higher than average.
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