Research Paper Topics for College Students


The key to success of each and every research paper is the topic chosen. Frankly speaking, it takes hours to find something worthy on the immense expands of the Internet. That is the truth for both students and professors. Creating a satisfying research paper for college differs a lot from the similar assignments received at high school. Despite the fact that the hands-on experience is of great value, academic writing at college demands more profound knowledge of the subject matter and remarkable analytical skills. Making original yet reasonable conclusions and evaluating the information are the integral parts of the academic writing assignments. If you are puzzled while opting for one of the good research paper topics, consider the following suggestions:
  • Expanding your knowledge on the worldwide experience. The modern advances are a lucrative source of ideas.
  • Flexibility in the writing process. Do not be afraid to change the direction of your research in the middle. Who knows, maybe you will find a more compelling topic.
  • Keep up on the latest trends and news. Analyze the current state of affairs to produce a brilliant writing.
The inspiration and ideas for college research paper topics can rise from the conversation with friends, family members, or professors. Opt for something extremely riveting for you and that kindles the spark of interest in the modern society. Remember you need to conduct the research and find sufficient data to support your argument. If you are seeking for top 10 research topics, here they are! Nonetheless, we have divided the best research paper topics into three categories according to their complexity. Find the one, which appeals to you!

Easy Research Paper Topics for College Students

  1. Police and Body Worn Video: Accountability and Impact
  2. The History of Music in Bollywood: Which genre is prevailing?
  3. The Arguments for Legitimizing Cannabis in the U.S.
  4. The Situations Which Make College Student’s Life Untenable
  5. The Possible Explosion of the Yellowstone Volcano and Its Consequences for the U.S.
  6. The Types of Fringe Medicine Spread in the U.S.
  7. The Investigation of Energy Power Systems: Construction over the Globe
  8. The Biography of Ernest Gaines
  9. The Existence of the Xiaki Topic in the Asian Movies
  10. The Secrets of Successful Operation of the Multi-Aged Workforce
  11. The Social Features of Non-Acceptance of Islamic Notions
  12. The Difference between the Attitudes of Russia and the U.S. towards Islam
  13. Old-Aged People and Cognitive Development
  14. The Conditional Release: Advantages and Burdensome It Brings
  15. The Complication of Forced De-Boarding among Airlines

Ordinary Research College Topics

  1. The Potential Independence of Catalonia: Benefits and Drawbacks
  2. Distinctive Features of All Types of Obstructive Lung Diseases
  3. “The Great Divorce” by C. S. Lewis: The Theological Dream Vision of Hell and Heaven
  4. Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp: The Controversy
  5. How to Accurately Estimate the Health Needs of the Community
  6. Mexico City’s Transportation Is Contaminating Air
  7. Does the U.S. Health Reform Assist or Block the Healthcare
  8. The Soviet Famine of the Early 30s: Roots and Outcomes
  9. The Implementation of Diagnostic Ultrasonography in Gynecology
  10. How Does the Pre-Election Poll Affect the Election?
  11. The Problem of Streaming Live Videos on Facebook (based on real events)
  12. Utilization of Radioactive Materials in the U.S.
  13. Why Should Muslim Migration Be Curbed?
  14. The Obligatory Qualities for Official Duties’ Performance: American Police
  15. Anemia and Cancer: Iron Food Additives

Complicated College Research Paper Topics

  1. The Marked Characteristics between the Kofun and Asuka Periods (Japan)
  2. The Lack of Sleep and Its Aftereffect on the Adult Population
  3. The Substance Use Treatment During Pregnancy and Postnatal Period
  4. Moore’s Law: The Myths and the Truth
  5. What Impact Did the Copyright Law of the 20th Century Have on the Depiction of Eugenics?
  6. The Comparison of the First Two Chapters in Exodus (Old Testament) and Gospel of Matthew (New Testament)
  7. Sustained Work-Related Stress of the First responders
  8. Kidney Function and Obesity: The Interrelation and Drug Treatment
  9. The Developmental Characteristics of Chinese Music Education
  10. The Atomic Armament (based on the example of South and North Korea)
  11. The Impact of the Sunlight on the Convalescence after an Operation
  12. The Legal System of Saudi Arabia: How does it differ from the American one?
  13. The Assessment of Students in the Primary School: Pros and Cons
  14. The Reduction of Educated People in Puerto Rico As a Result of Emigration
  15. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: Assessing the Disease with Regard to Photosensitivity
Hopefully, we have saved you time with above-provided research paper topics for college students.