A Guide for College Students: How to Start Your Career in Comedy


If you dreamt of becoming a comedy star as a child, if you have seen all films with Jim Carrey’s, and if you have been wondering how to start a career in comedy, this article is just for you. You should know that right now there are a lot of students who share your goal, and if you want to succeed, think of them as both your competitors and a support team. In this article, we have gathered best pieces of advice from successful comedians. If you are still wondering how to build your career, check them out.

1. It’s Never Too Late to Make Your Dream Come True

Take, for example, Daniel Gurewitch. Before writing for Last Week Tonight, he used to grab every opportunity to make a joke. He confesses that he even added jokes into history papers. When starting his education at Syracuse University, he already knew that he wanted to become a comedian. As a college student, he polished his standup skills and chose screenwrite as his major. With all efforts he made, it was no surprise he got a job at CollegeHumor. Another comedy star Shannon O’Neill, on the other hand, had a less straightforward career path. She even studied to become a teacher. Only after some time did she understand that the future profession was not her cup of tea. She admits that although she was fond of comedy she never thought of it as a career at first.

2. Extracurriculars Can Be Helpful

Schneider insists on the importance of extracurricular activity, claiming that everything he learned about his current career comes from the things he and his friends did in a sketch group called The Lilting Banshees. A similar advice comes from another renowned comedian Pierson. He encourages everyone to join any activity somehow connected to sketch because it helps to improve a person’s standup skills, however (un)successful they are. He also adds that college sketch is an awesome way to spend time and meet new people. In fact, many popular comedians confess owing their current career to college extracurriculars. Gurewitch, too, encourages aspiring comedians to start their career paths from there. He says that college sketches are worth it just because:
  • you will love it
  • this is how you can improve.
And, of course, this enables you to meet people who share your interests, which brings us to the next advice.

3. Collaborate

You’ll be paying some $50,000 every year not only to receive knowledge but to get access to an old basement where people like you are rehearsing to put on an awesome show. Gurewitch says that, first of all, these people will help you challenge yourself and see how your skills can be improved. Apart from that, you can build up a network, which will help you find an actual job in the future. Starting is always difficult, so don’t waste your opportunities and take first steps today to build a fantastic career tomorrow.
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