Good Descriptive Essay Topics


The descriptive essay is a text of a small volume, which freely expresses individual impressions and thoughts about what is heard, read or viewed. The purpose of the work is to reveal the proposed topic by giving arguments. An essay may not contain many ideas. It reflects only one version of thinking and develops it. When writing a descriptive paper, try to answer the posed question and do not deviate from the topic. The essay is an individual task and does not tolerate co-authorship.

How To Write A Descriptive Essay

When choosing a question on any topic, before creating a plan for your answer, make sure that you read and understand it correctly because it can be interpreted differently; there are several approaches to highlighting the theme. Therefore, you need to choose the approach you will follow, as well as be able to justify your choice. The content of the issue may cover a wide range of problems that require the involvement of a large amount of literature. In this case, only certain aspects of this issue should be covered.

Descriptive Essay Format

The title of the essay may not be directly related to the topic. In addition to reflecting the content of the work, it may be the starting point in the thoughts of the author. Before you start writing your paper, analyze the information you have, and then make a thesis plan.


It should include the summary of your understanding of the paper essence and justification of the chosen topic. It is useful to highlight what you intend to do in the work, and what is not included in your essay, as well as provide brief definitions of key terms. When doing it, try to minimize the number of definitions.

The Body Of The Text

This part assumes the development of your argumentation and analysis, as well as their substantiation, based on the available data, other arguments, and positions on this issue. The argumentation (or analysis) should be structured. Do not refer to the works that you have not read. Careless handling of data, including excessive generalization, reduces the result. Repeats should be avoided. It is necessary to write briefly and clearly.


This part of the paper should have such elements as:
  • Justification of the author’s findings.
  • Indication of the future research direction of the topic.
The essay expresses the individual impressions and considerations of the author on a particular occasion or subject and does not claim to be an exhaustive interpretation. This writing style is characterized by imagery, the mobility of associations, antithetical thinking, orientation to intimate openness and spoken intonation. A descriptive essay involves the expression of the writer’s point of view; a personal subjective assessment of the subject of reasoning gives the opportunity of non-standard (creative) coverage of the material.

The Essence Of The Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay is a subjective, individual, independent space, where positions are formed; thoughts, predictions and the corresponding individualized attitudes are demonstrated. Therefore, the main mission and the purpose of the paper is the presentation of an independent vision of the problem, issue, or theme based on the elaborated material and arguments, in accordance with the chosen approach, style, etc. The easiest way to present the main idea is to express it in the first sentence of the paragraph, and then submit the facts and examples that support this idea. Each point must be associated with the main sentence. Information that does not relate to the main idea is not worth mentioning. However, in the essay, there is no rigid regulation of the system of presentation and reasoned conclusions. Based on the thesis (idea), the student can freely use his or her personal impressions, thoughts, and associations. The essay cannot be built only on facts and judgments. It is an extremely moving, alive, and original system of views of each particular author. Writing descriptive essays is ideal for improving critical thinking. The work on a paper does not require inventing of the plot and creation of characters. However, an essay gives the author the opportunity to use imagination; such a text may contain authorial reflections, lyrical indentations, descriptions (portraits, landscapes, etc.), a description of the background of the relationship of characters, etc. The process of writing an essay can be divided into several stages (thinking, planning, writing, editing).


This stage implies the definition of the purpose, basic ideas, sources of information, terms and presentation of work. The purpose is to determine the actions. Ideas can be concrete and general, more abstract. Thoughts, feelings, views, and representations can be expressed in the form of analogies, associations, assumptions, reasoning, judgments, arguments, etc.


The subject of the essay will tell you where to find the right material. Of course, you may use libraries, Internet resources, dictionaries, reference books. The quality of the text depends on four main components. They are clarity of thought, expressiveness, literacy, and correctness. You need to articulate the ideas, which you want to express, clearly. Otherwise, you will not be able to convey these thoughts and information to readers. The easiest way to achieve it is by using logically and consistently selected words, phrases and interrelated paragraphs that reveal the topic. Literacy reflects the rules of grammar and spelling. Here are some good descriptive essay topics for you!
  • Human and nature
  • What is freedom?
  • The role of the Internet in modern life
  • People and society
  • The problems of loneliness
  • Global problems of modernity and ways to overcome them
  • My future profession
Use these descriptive essay topics to write a good paper.
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