Early Career Advice


Some time ago, here at Writer-Elite.com we posted an article about the best jobs for Millennials. In spite of the numerous improvements in the market, there are still some significant challenges that the youngest workforce generation of the USA is facing. Mostly, the generation of Millennials has higher education, so the work criteria and standards of the jobs have risen correspondingly. Finding a new career can also be challenging in terms of the entry-level jobs payment because of the student loans (that they have accrues to be ahead of others). Besides, knowing when and how to apply for a position is equally as important as finding the very vacancy.

So, what is the best way of applying for a job?

  1. Highlight Your Relevant Experience
When writing your resume, please consider that you don’t have to include every single workplace where you have worked. You have most probably have had numerous part-time jobs or odd jobs, but you should include only those that matter to the current positions you are applying for. Mention only the experience that helped you acquire some new skills and obtain new knowledge. The CV you are preparing should spotlight your most relevant experience and your strongest points that will prove that you are a professional. HRs are bombarded with application forms, cover letters, and resumes. They are not able to read all of them till the end, so make sure that your CV is appealing from the very beginning. Make it succinct by putting an emphasis only on the most relevant experience that is applicable to the position you are applying for.
  1. Reflect on Your Leadership Skills
Many employers and HRs value leadership skills of their applicants most. This skill stands out the most among the numerous resumes. So, even if the leadership role you had is not that major, you should still mention about it. Maybe, you coordinated some project in college or, maybe, you were a leading participant in some exchange or volunteer program – all these experiences count as long as they reveal how well you managed to apply in practice your leadership skills. However, if you cannot boast so far with any of leadership experiences, then take some time and develop this skill, which is one of the most attractive ones to employers.
  1. Don’t Apply for the Sake of Applying
At times, one may get stuck in a rut with the career either due to dissatisfaction with the current work conditions or unemployment. Still, it does not mean that you cannot search for a better workplace. Do not let some unfavorable conditions stand in the way of your application process. There may be an opposite side to this aspect: you may get overexcited with the application process and apply for every position you come across. This does not increase your chances to succeed either. First, you waste your time, efforts, and energy on writing, modifying, and sending applications. Second, there is little possibility that you will fit into all positions you have applied for. To sum up, before applying for a position, you must decide for yourself whether it is a kind of job you would really want. Only then should you consider spending time on writing a brilliant CV and cover letter.
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