How to Find a Purpose for Education


Nowadays more and more young people view education skeptically. With mass media glamorizing the idea of skipping school or dropping out of college, it might seem that education has no purpose indeed. It is difficult, consumes a lot of time and, in case of college, might cost you a fortune. However, all these drawbacks greatly overweight the benefits that education gives to young people. Learn four things you get from studying at school or college and you will understand the purpose of education.

Building a Good Career

Unless you’re a genius who already has a plan for groundbreaking discoveries, a good career will become a possibility for you only with a sufficient academic background. Many people would speculate against the need for college giving examples of successful people who dropped out, but what they forget is that not everyone is exceptionally talented. College is an institution that won’t show you the way but will teach you how to find it. It gives skills and information that you’ll be able to interpret in your own way and build a foundation of your unique self. So don’t see college as a ticket to your successful future but view it as a means of learning which you need to build this future with your own hands.

Enriching Knowledge

Many students develop an aversion to studying if it involves cramming and learning things by heart. In reality, that’s not what education is about. The purpose of education is in sparking your interest in new concepts, ideas, and practices, finding things that truly interest you and developing your knowledge. Sometimes you can’t get away from cramming sessions, but in the end high quality education will teach you a lot of new information that you can apply later.

Getting Deeper Insight of Life

Whatever you study, you can’t avoid incorporating the process of thinking. The more you think about different concepts and problems, the more you develop the understanding of the world that surrounds you. Even people who dislike college can’t discredit the fact that college changes you as a person. Even if you find your professors incompatible and feel like you’re not getting anything new, you’re still developing as a personality, learning to think critically and make judgments based on the situation.

Looking at the World Positively

Only those people who know little about the world see solely negative things. The significance of education is that it teaches you to find good aspects even in those things that are deemed hopeless. With highly developed logical thinking and being able to gauge various situations clearly, you learn to see things from different perspectives and discover a lot more they have to offer. That’s something that totally changes your outlook and differentiates an educated person from an uneducated one. You might think that going to college is not worth the difficulties and hard work it involves, but in reality, those things are the best teachers. The purpose of education is in honing you into a better version of yourself.
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