How to Get Ready for Your First Day in a New Job


CONGRATULATIONS! “On what occasion?” you may wonder. On getting a new job, of course! If you are reading this article, you must have spent enough time looking for ways to get prepared for your first day at new job. You are on the right path! Carry on reading and you will find valuable tips on how to make a good impression and maintain positive relationships with your boss and colleagues.

Make a Good First Impression

It may sound to you as a humdrum, hard to use in practice phrase. Though, it is not as difficult and pointless piece of advice as it may seem at first sight. It goes without saying that punctuality and politeness are the main threats you should show NOT ONLY ON YOUR FIRST DAY! Why is it crucial? Because, no matter how regrettable it is to realize the fact that we judge people by the first impression, this is the reality of our life! To make your first day even more smooth and favorable, get used to coming at the working place IN TIME! This will help you to gain your boss’s and colleagues’ favor, and they will perceive you as a reliable person. A regular pleasant neat look won’t be too much as well. And don’t forget to put on your smile, by the way! Don’t let your private life and mood influence your working relationships.

Get On Well With Your Colleagues

The pledge of your success, partially, lies in your good relationships with co-workers. Although people from work are not your soulmates, they are DEFINITELY those who you are going to spend much time with. Try to avoid tense atmosphere at work and remember that you should treat people the way you want to be treated. Contribute to your working surrounding to make it more conducive. Pay attention to other person’s needs, be willing to help and use your own initiative. Work on having a good record among your colleagues and bear in mind that the way you behave is the thing that matters. No one is eager to work with sulky pompous people. Make sure you are IN a team, not APART from it.

Show Your Ambitions and Willingness to Work

Of course, the fear to be rejected, to say something stupid or lack of experience may fetter you on your first working day. It is natural. WHAT IS UNNATURAL is to let this fear ruin your career prospects! No matter how anxious you may feel, it is high time to switch on your positive thinking and extract benefit from every failure and misfortune. Don’t be afraid of learning from your own mistakes and, especially, learning how to overcome them so they don’t occur in the future. From the very first day, you need to make an impression of a person willing to work, eager to produce innovative ideas and improve the position of your company. Even if your ideas seem ridiculous to you, they may work if you speak them up! Of course, we are not calling you for talking without thinking first. What we suggest is to investigate the question in order to have plan B if something doesn’t work. Be persistent in your attempts to win your colleagues’ and boss’s favor. Your first working day is not a daunting experience you have to go through; it is an opportunity to show your worth!
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