How to Struggle With the Feeling of Inferiority


What is interiority? How to realize you have it? How to overcome it? If you want to learn about it, then continue reading.

Where the Inferiority Complex Comes from

When someone criticizes you or you see somebody doing something better than you, this may drive you to the idea to eliminate your weaknesses. It motivates you to become better in that area, so that you stop feeling inferior. You improve yourself and finally become more self-confident. However, there are people who have such a strong feeling of inferiority that it is not useful anymore. Such inferiority complex paralyzes a person, instead of motivating him or her. As a result, a person feels extreme shyness, worthless, and social anxiety.

How to Struggle with This Feeling

Stop comparing yourself to others

Comparison may cause not only the feeling of inferiority but the feeling of superiority, too. However, look at this issue closer: why is everyone better than you? We tend to concentrate on people’s best qualities and then to compare ourselves to them. In reality, it is unavoidable that some people are better than you are just because they definitely spend more time practicing in a particular field. When you compare yourself to someone who succeeds in something, you probably neglect other areas of that person’s life. So, just stop doing it. Accept yourself and appreciate your uniqueness.

Stop using social media so much

This advice is one of the best practical tips and insights on how to overcome that feeling of inferiority. When you see other people’s pictures on Facebook, you may experience inferiority or self-doubt. But you should realize that we usually present just the best parts of our lives in social networks. Everyone has sad or boring days in their lives, which are just edited out from Facebook.

Stop trying to hide your flaws

The inferiority complex psychology often presupposes such habit. People who are insecure about their appearance try to hide their flaws. They tend to wear baggy black closes if they do not like their bodies. They always try to strike certain poses in photos. They constantly check their reflection in mirrors. They are wearing too much makeup. All of these examples are the ways of trying to control how the surrounding people see you, so that you can avoid their judgment of particular qualities. Nevertheless, you should realize that all that just makes you feel more depressed and self-conscious. Stop doing it. You should realize that most people might even not notice your flaws until you focus on hiding them.
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