How Texting and Chatting Are Ruining Students’ Grammar


It is obvious that children have started writing much worse. It is a typical picture on a bus, on a train, or at school –children or teenagers surfing the net on their phones or chatting. Writing a message has become a matter of a second. As a consequence, long complex sentences are something modern students cannot cope with. Writing a complete sentence observing syntax and punctuation, using correct grammar and making no mistakes in spelling has become a challenge. The words like “sorta” or “kinda” have entered children’s speech. The traditional methods of learning to write do not longer work with modern kids.

Using letters Instead of Words

It would take a while for an inexperienced adult to decode these: C u @ 9! Hw r u? C u l8r! These phrases demonstrate the principles of the language of texting. Shorthand serves the basis. The examples of children using shortened words and phrases are too many. Would is simplified to wud while fine is expressed the following way: f9. So, it is quite predictable that students do not have the slightest idea about the principles of grammar and word skills. This type of, let us say, writing is not time-consuming, so students get accustomed to it quite easily as they are constantly using it. Thus, getting down to writing some tests, essays, or any kind of assignments, they fail to switch from the shorthand language and use shortened words in academic writing.

Acronyms Are Entering Dictionaries

You will be both surprised and confused to find some acronyms in dictionaries. ASAP or LOL have become so commonly used that they and a lot of similar are making their way to an accepted standard of the language. LOL, OMG and FYI have been introduced into the Oxford Dictionary and soon other acronyms will become dictionary entries. The trend makes a lot of people embarrassed as it is not clear now what and how we should teach our children proper grammar usage.

Steps to Make to Improve

It is a shame to be considered the generation of those who cannot write even the simplest words correctly replacing Standard English with the text message language. To improve the situation we have to start now. It is obligatory to take up reading as a hobby or a habit in order to enrich our vocabulary and learn how to use grammar structures properly. What we must be aware of are the consequences of the widespread usage of shorthand language and acronyms which might be quite attractive and funny at first eventually having an undesired impact on the culture of writing. Being caring and considerate teachers and parents, we must do our best to guide the children through the process of learning to write properly.
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