How to Write a Business Report


Not every individual is aware of how to write a business report. Such type of reports is considered to be more complex than a letter written on a business matter. However, if you want to achieve a positive result, creating a good business report will not be a problem for you.

What Is a Business Report?

Business report writing refers to the analysis of a particular situation or a certain business aspect. For instance, current trend in business, current situation in a particular country, financial statement, or any business data useful for creation of recommendations and strategies that will help in improving business. In addition, any business report may offer evaluation of solutions to certain problems faced by the organization. It can also describe some practices and theories that can be applied in order to improve company’s overall performance.

Ways of Writing an Effective and Informative Business Report

Regardless of industry type, business report plays a crucial role since it helps companies to make correct business decisions. Taking into account the importance of business report, it is crucial to make sure the report is concise, clear and informative at the same time. You should know that there is no wrong or correct information when it comes to business report writing. Your main task is to provide objective information and make sure it is clear for the potential reader. The blow tips will help you understand how to make a business report. If you take these tips into account, your report will definitely be successful.
  1. Clarify with the customer what he/she needs.
This step is of utmost importance. It does not matter who the customer is, you need to make sure that every party talks about the same matter in terms of expectations and end results. When you start determining this issue, you should think about final report. What particular issues should be covered in business report? What recommendations should be offered? What information will be provided in the report? What the customer is trying to find?
  1. Find out what type of business report is needed for the customer
This matter should be clarified with the customer as well since it is very important. Remember that there are a lot different kinds of business reports. It means that you should ask your customer what type of report he/she wants so that you could use the correct report structure. For instance, some customers want a business letter, business plan, strategic plan, financial plan, or plan on corporate information. You should find out the type of report prior to writing it.
  1. You should conduct the detailed research work
As soon as you know everything what the customer needs to be included in the report, you should start the initial research work. This step may include reading materials provided by the customer or making a list of questions and conducting interviews with the targeted audience. It will depend on a particular report objective. Of course, the Internet can help you make the research process much easier, but please make sure you use up-to-date and reliable sources of information.
  1. Create the table of contents
In order to develop an informative and logical business report, it is recommended to create a table of contents first. Many expert writers use this technique. Of course you can create your table of contents before you start writing the report or during the process of writing. Table of contents is more than just a draft. You should think about it carefully and divide the information in a logical and easy to understand manner. This process is a bit time consuming but believe it or not it will make the report writing faster and easier. Try to imagine the final report and write down the content. This tip is really useful. Remember that table of contents serves you as a guide on what should be written in your report.

NOTA BENE: In case you have an external customer who ordered a business report, it will be better to show the table of contents to him/her and ask for its approval. It helps the customer to understand whether he/she wants this information to be present in the report. As soon as the customer sends his/her approval of the table of contents, you can start writing the report and be sure that no other changes will be required by the customer on a final writing stage.

  1. Conduct additional research work
Right after you decide what the table of contents should include, you will see if you need to conduct additional research work. In case additional information should be collected, you should do it before you begin writing the report. It helps not to interrupt the process of report writing because you will have everything you need at hand.
  1. Make the skeleton of your future report
Making a skeleton of your report is quite easy when you work with MS Word. Prior to writing anything, copy the headings included in your table of contents and paste them on a separate page in the same orders as they appear on the contents page. Leave the blank space between the headings and then using the MS Word generate an automatic table of contents. After the skeleton is done, you can start filling in the space between the headings.
  1. Write business reports by filling in the space between the headings
Yes, that is how simple it is. As soon as you have done the skeleton of your future report, the writing process resembles filling in the blank space. All you have to do is to moving from the beginning to the final heading. Do it sequentially and follow the logical order. If you have done all the preparations correctly, the report writing process will not be painful at all. We hope that now you know how to write a business report and it does not seem to you a difficult and time-consuming task anymore. If you follow the basic rules of business report writing, everything will become easy and fun.  In case you still have some hesitations, you can look for professional report writing help online. Real professional writers will show you how to write a business report and impress your potential readers.
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