How to Write a Critical Analysis Essay


As a part of your studying process at university, you will repeatedly receive such kind of homework as writing assignments. This time we are going to discuss an issue of writing a critical analysis essay and learn all the peculiarities and requirements concerning this type of paper. And before we start, let’s define a range of questions that will be discussed: what is a critical analysis essay, what information should be included in a critical analysis essay, what is the structure of a critical analysis essay? Among the list of academic papers a student has to learn to write, there is a kind of writing designed to analyze and understand a certain phenomenon like a historic event, a film, a written text or anything else depending on a course a student is taking. This kind of writing is called a critical analysis essay and consists of the analysis of each part of an essay’s topic as well as a subjective critique of its purpose and main points based on or supported by worthy evidence and facts. In your critical analysis essay, you have to examine who or what matters, why something is impossible without something else, where and when the action takes place and how does it influence the course of events, what are the strong and weak points of certain points and etc. In a nutshell, try to be as scrupulous and critical as possible in order not to miss any important detail. Speaking about the structure of a critical analysis essay, it doesn’t differ from the structure of any other kind of essay and includes the introduction part, the main body part, and the summarizing part called the conclusion. Organize your introductory paragraph in a way it has the following three elements: the hook (the first sentence aimed at turning a reader’s attention), the bridge (a smooth transition between the hook and the following part of the introduction paragraph), and the thesis statement (a sentence or two, placed at the end of the introductory paragraph, which specify a topic and determine your attitude towards a topic). The main body part, which, usually, consists of three paragraphs, may acquire diverse forms according to the organization style a student chooses for his/her critical analysis essay. For example, depending on the order of importance, cause and effect, chronological order, comparison, and contrast or spatial order styles, a number of paragraphs of the main body part may vary from three up to six. To choose the best organization style, carefully read the task and pay attention to a topic of your assignment. Obviously, it is better to use the chronological order style when making a historical analysis. While the order of importance style is more used for analyzing a piece of literature. The conclusion of a critical analysis essay should be a short summary of the main ideas you stated in the thesis statement and further discussed in the body paragraphs. Avoid repeating the same words all the time, instead, try restarting your thoughts. In this part, you can appeal to a reader or incite him to certain actions. Take a pen and start creating your critical analysis essay as the only way to write it really well is practicing!
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