Labor Day: What it Means


Have you ever known something special about the first Monday of September? Every year, it brings not only the beginning of the golden season of the year but a celebration of Labor Day. This day was created to honor all the working people in the country and all over the world. At this time, a national labor movement started to function in the USA, as well. Being persistent all year long, workers have a chance to enjoy a day for a rest. Nationwide people give gratitude to fortitude and powers of endurance of every single worker passionately discharging his or her obligations.

The Holiday’s Adoption

With each year, the government pays more attention to Labor Day. Therefore, it is a legal national holiday now. However, the situation was completely different before 1885. That days, the first bill was already elaborated but this proposal was not still accepted by the legislature. On February 21 in 1887 the Oregon authorities passed the law. Then, many states one by one took the same measures. Among them were: Massachusetts, Colorado, New York and New Jersey. Nebraska, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania followed only ten years after the bill was introduced to the government.

Creator of Labor Day

A century after Labor Day establishment, historians still argue about a person who came up with the idea of the holiday. There are some facts which witness Peter J. McGuire be one of the first initiators. He was a secretary of the Brotherhood of Carpenters, and Joiners and at the same time was an honorable member of the American Federation of Labor. Being active, McGuire took part in various social activities and has done a lot to promote the idea of Labor Day.

How an Initial Celebration Was Held

Previously, Central Labor Union developed a plan of the occasion. They have chosen New York to be the first city to meet the festivities. Starting from that time, 5th of September became a stable date of the day for all the states in America. Similar labor organizations step-by-step occurred in other states and worked out their strategies for civic activities and defending the rights of an average working man in the country. There is no doubt of the holiday’s significance. A century ago, people were persevering to get a right to live a fulfilling life. This holiday was a confirmation and remembrance of someone who spends his days and powers to invest in country’s economy and industry.
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