National Aviation Day Celebration


It is hard to deny an influence of aviation on our lives. This global industry touches everybody, starting from a little boy dreaming to become a pilot of an aircraft and ending with millions of people traveling by planes all over the World each single day. Therefore, even if we do not realize it, the air power is unimaginably important for habitants of the Earth in the 21th century. In the early going, Orville Wright paid a visit to the Aircraft Engine Research Laboratory. Nowadays, that small center in Cleveland is famous as NASA’s Glenn Research Center.

Mention Celebration in Your Posts

This day, the network users are welcome to put hashtags while posting photos to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google+. Do not lose the chance to come into the spotlight on the official NASA website. Your photo could be selected. Tag the publications #NationalAviationDayNASA or #SpreadYourWings. Being curious, you would like to know the origin of this phrase. So, here is the truth: on August 19th , Greg Slover, a forward-minded pilot, “completes a mision at NASA’s Langley Research Center”, so to say, “spreads his wings”.

The Origin of the Occasion

President Franklin D. Roosevelt was the first to announce the date of 19th August to be the National Aviation Day. Why this particular date? It was designed so on behalf of Orville Wright’s birthday. In times gone by, the commercial activity was predominant, but at present NASA is developing a great range of gizmos. For example, have you ever heard of their special technology to reduce the emission and save the fuel? Get to know more and you will definitely be impressed. Actually, NASA does much every year to transform aviation, develop and improve the conditions. Look up NASA Aeronautics homepage or follow on Twitter @NASAaero check on the measures that are taken.

The First Celebration Measures

One of the aims was to promote the aviation among the citizens of the USA. All the federal buildings were directed to fly the national flag. This way, they gave praise to airspace workers.

Be in Attendance of Local Science Museum

Treat yourself to amazing exhibitions about aviation, get to know how the airplane functions and other interesting things. If you are interested in science, visit local research centers and learn more about space, physics, etc. What is more, in Norfolk, VA or San Francisco, CA, you are offered to pay a visit to special centers presenting NASA’s Langley Research Center and Glenn Research Center, major NASA centers.

Things to Do at Home

One more great idea is to watch a classic aviation-themed movie. We advise you to choose Netflix or Red Box. Get some snacks as nachos, chips or whatever and take a rest with your family or friends. Also, you could try to build a plane. This homebuilt airplane kit is available and does not cost much.

Outdoor Activities

Introductory flight lesson is something you should not be afraid of. Take you courage and just do it. Recharge your batteries experiencing freedom of flying. Additional reward will be the marvelous views, fresh air and unforgettable memories. Tell about your experience in networks, share the feeling and tag it with #NationalAviationDay. Professionals all over the Planet are making everything possible and impossible to make our wishes come into reality. Twenty years ago, interplanetary flights seemed to be a real magic even in science-fiction film. Nowadays, we are lucky to live in the era of wonders while more and more of them are predicted by future scientific discoveries. Why not to celebrate the breakthrough in science and herculean task of aerospace workers but for whom our reality would not be as splendid and superb. You have just read the list of our favorite suggestion. Follow them and enjoy the National Aviation Day!
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