Easy Ways To Finally Overcome Your Fear Of Public Speaking


According to the recent researches, the biggest fear among people is public speaking. Not spiders, not height, even not death, but public speaking is considered to be the thing that people are scared the most. Among the reasons, you may hear the weirdest arguments. Here are the most common causes of people’s biggest fear and possible solutions to deal with it.

Dealing with Fear of Public Speaking

You sound boring

You will never make people bored in the hall if you do not make them bored during your everyday life. However, the more nervous you are, the less confident you will sound during your presentation. Do not be nervous and your real inner character will show itself on the stage.

You will be laughted at

The most important thing to remember while speaking in public – people do not laugh at you, they only laugh with you. Thus, there is no need to feel nervous or ashamed – just continue your presentation and laugh with them even if you did not plan to. Humor will cheer you up and give you necessary confidence.

You will let audience see your nervousness

There is nothing bad in being slightly nervous. People expect you to feel like this, so no one will accuse you of anything. Just not let your nervous feeling grow into public speaking anxiety – this is what you are required to do.

You will forget everything

Even though it is a common problem, there are plenty of ways out of this situation:
  • Make sure your speech is coherent and logic – structure all the points, so that it is easy to move from one to another.
  • If you think you are going to forget something, just take a deep breath, think for a second and the lost thought will come to your mind straightaway.
  • Repeat the thought that you have just mentioned. It will push you to the next point of your presentation.
  • Always keep your notes close in case nothing previous helps. However, refer to them at last moment.
  • Just tell the public you forgot everything. Surely as a joke. This will give you a small break and let you remember the lost point.

You will fail to answer the questions

Firstly remember, you are not supposed to answer all the questions. If somebody is intentionally trying to load you with unanswerable questions, try to turn it into a joke. If it does not help, simply ask that person to wait and give you the business card to be able to answer the question later.

You will freeze

Here is it, the biggest fear among all the fears. It is situation when you unexpectedly forget everything not being able to say a word. The solution to this is as simple as that – just talk. You will never freeze if your mouth does not stop speaking. On the contrary, the longer you stay silent, the more nervous you as well as the audience become.
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