Persuasive Essay Topics


“Most people don’t have the power of persuasion.”

– James Altucher

Each student should try to do his / her best to write powerful, original, creative and meaningful persuasive essays on different burning persuasive essay topics. Choosing the most creative and fascinating persuasive essay topic is a key to success in writing. Before starting selecting a good topic for your essay, complete the list of the topics that you are interested in. Devote a few minutes of your precious time to carefully read the following article. We have prepared the list of the good persuasive essay topics that you can use to meet the expectations of your university or college teachers. If you have any questions or problems concerning the process of writing essays, please contact our company right now.

Original Persuasive Essay Topics

To become an A-student and to demonstrate all your skills and abilities, such as reading, comprehension, writing, critical thinking, research, analysis, and others you need to have a list of unique essay topics. The first step to your academic success is the choice of the most fascinating topic in the field you are majoring in. If you consider that it is a bit complicated for you to choose a topic, you can search for the lists of different persuasive essay topics in a wide diversity of subjects, as well as essay samples on our website free of charge.

Essential and Practical Persuasive Essay Writing Tips:

  • Clearly define your attitude to the chosen topic. For instance, physical activities in educational institutions are very useful in bring up healthier young people. Check whether there are enough pieces of corroborative evidence to support your point of view. If there is a necessity, conduct detailed and thorough research using different sources, both primary or secondary.

“If you would persuade, you must appeal to interest rather than intellect.”

– Benjamin Franklin

Think of your future readers.

  • Choose only those topics for your persuasive essays that you are good at and familiar with. This enables you to create an excellent piece of writing.
  • Stick to the set structure of the academic papers: the introduction with the thesis statement, 3-4 main body paragraphs, the conclusion, and a reference / bibliography page.
  • Define the aim of your persuasive essay. Do you try to introduce a new topic or are you planning to prove that your point of view is the right one?
  • Do not forget to provide definite facts, detailed statistics, supportive evidence or proven data while writing your persuasive essay. This makes your essay look reliable and very persuasive.

Good Persuasive Essay Topics

We have completed the list of the good persuasive essay topics in different fields of science and on various topics. In case you cannot choose an interesting persuasive essay topic yourself, you can always decide upon the one provided below.

Persuasive Essay Topics for Elementary Students

  1. Negative Outcomes of the Vietnamese War
  2. Written Assignments Should Be Given to High School Students
  3. The Most Original Hobbies in the World
  4. Why Should the Application of Different Devices in Class Be Banned?
  5. Advantages of Going to College or University
  6. Money Can Have a Negative Impact on People
  7. Should Students Study at Night?
  8. Why is Recycling of Great Importance in the Today’s World?
  9. How to Cope with the Problem of Eating Disorders among the Young People?
  10. Novel Extra Curriculum Activities

Sports Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. The drug tests should be passed by all professional sportsmen
  2. Girls can go in for any sports like boys
  3. The role of sport activities in the development of a healthy young generation
  4. Are professional athletes better actors / actresses than music starts?
  5. What benefits should college or university athletes be provided with?
  6. Why extreme sports should be banned in the USA?
  7. The Olympic Games and Drug Scandals
  8. Why is Cristiano Ronaldo recognized the best football player in the world?
  9. Running is the healthiest and safest kind of sport
  10. Physical Education in high school

Persuasive Essay Topics about Birds and Animals

  1. Why is it of great importance to protect endangered species?
  2. A zoo vs. a prison for humans
  3. Is it reasonable to any bird or animal as a home pet?
  4. What is the most unique animal on the earth?
  5. The impact of human beings on wild life of Africa
  6. Photo-hunting vs. hunting
  7. The smartest animal on the planet
  8. Leather and fur clothing should be banned
  9. What laws should be introduced to save the world water resources?
  10. Why is plastic dangerous for animals and birds?

Persuasive Essay Topics on Education

  1. Curricula in schools should be more original than before
  2. Is it sound to decrease the number of written assignments given to students
  3. The role of parents in the educational process
  4. What subjects should be excluded from the high school programs
  5. Students should be given more free time at schools
  6. Should students be given any rewards for their academic achievements?
  7. Advantages of classes in the open air
  8. Longer holidays: Pros and cons
  9. How to deal with bulling in schools
  10. Race prejudices in the school environment

Persuasive Essay Topics for High School

  1. How to reduce the crime rate in schools
  2. School uniform: Cons and Pros
  3. Modern society: Is it male or female oriented?
  4. Do social media and the internet impact the intellect of the young generation?
  5. The possible consequences of global warming
  6. Human cloning: Moral and religious aspects
  7. Abortions should be regarded as crimes
  8. Death punishment: Cons and pros
  9. Why should paternity leave be paid to fathers?
  10. Communication devices and their influence on the organs of hearing?

Persuasive Essay Topics on Music

  1. Should music literacy become an essential component of school curriculum
  2. Benefits of becoming a professional musician
  3. What are high schools students better at music or dancing studying?
  4. Why are British and American artists paid much more than musicians from other parts of the world?
  5. Is it reasonable to invest in modern novel music groups?
  6. Is it possible to learn singing if you do not have an inborn gift
  7. Music and its role in treating different diseases and disorders
  8. Can certain musical genres lead to committing suicide
  9. Should such genres as gothic music be banned
  10. What compositions would you recommend a representative from other worlds to listen to?
  11. Heavy metal vs. classical music

Persuasive Research Paper Topics

  1. Are i-phones and the ways they irradiate safe?
  2. DNA profiling should be legalized
  3. Advantages and disadvantages of doing various researches on animals
  4. How to prevent rare species of birds/ animals / plants from total extinction
  5. Global warming and human activities
  6. Pollution: Types and possible measures
  7. Genetically modified plants and animals: Pros and Cons
  8. Should human genes be modified: Unpredictable consequences
  9. What should be done to protect the human beings from extinction in the future

Ideas for Persuasive Essay

  1. How your clothes can contribute to your success
  2. The role of time management in the workplace
  3. Why is it of great significance to be honest with your spouse?
  4. Do the awkward situations have a positive influence on our self-esteem?
  5. How can laugh help in coping with difficulties at work?
  6. Why should people live a descent life?
  7. Why is the present more important than the future or the past?
  8. Self-confidence is the most significant trait of one’s character
  9. Hobbies and their role in personal development and growth
  10. What can help in coping with constant stress

Humorous and Funny Essay Topics

  1. Do men cry more than women?
  2. Are not blondes necessarily dumb?
  3. Humorous workplace that changed your life
  4. Why should students be permitted to sell alcoholic drinks at educational institutions?
  5. Why should not you allow your moms or dads become your Facebook followers?
  6. Can dads be funnier and crazier than moms?
  7. An essay on a debatable topic can be pointless
  8. Boys should be allowed to wear skirts in schools
  9. Who are better gossipers: Men or women
  10. Why should Nothing Day become the world recognized holiday?

Essay Ideas on Politics and Government

  1. Why should the US government support different non-profit organizations worldwide?
  2. Which US president should be printed on the novel banknotes?
  3. Should religious groups take part in funding schools?
  4. How should the problem of homeless people be solved in the USA?
  5. Should any new changes implemented in the US system of justice
  6. Pros and cons of Donald Trump’s Politics
  7. What part of the world could become a new US state?
  8. The military budget of the USA should be reduced by all means
  9. Is it possible to state that the war on drugs has failed in the USA?
  10. How to keep world peace?
We hope that our practical pieces of advice concerning the persuasive essay topics choice and the process of writing unique persuasive essays will help you a lot in the future. Our academic and essay writing company and sophisticated staff wish you only excellent marks, high scores, and good luck in all your endeavors!
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