Questions to Ask as You Decide Which Career Is Right for You


Growing up, we face a really heart-rending issue, which can be formulated in one simple question “how to choose the right career.” While some people make a decision to start their career during study years, others go with the flow and take into consideration the job issue after graduation. The fact is that sooner or later but the moment of choosing a career in inevitable in each person’s life. In case you feel irresolute what path to follow, there is a list of questions to ask as you decide which career is right for you:
  • What brings you pleasure? This means that it is the time to look deep into your soul and define or discover your dreams, passions, and interests. What activities, books, movies, people make you feel happy or satisfied, what set of skills do you possess, what are the strong and weak points of your character, what would you like to achieve or what do you expect from yourself? It is not stupid to focus on your dreams and passions as even the most, at the first sight, the unattainable dream can come true if you know how to formulate it, divide it into smaller achievable real time-measured objectives. The problem of the career choice is the reason for our neglectful attitude to ourselves. It is much easier to find your labor of love if you know exactly who and what you are.
  • What is your professional focus? The presence of motivation while completing certain tasks is crucial in a sense of personal and professional growth. Depending on whether you are more promotion or prevention oriented type of person, choose a career path that matches your ambitions. On the one side, both promotion and maintenance of your professional status do matter. However, try determining what you are more inclined to in order to choose the right direction, the field of job and be satisfied with your decision. For example, promotion-oriented employees are characterized as people, who have quick abstract thinking, work fast, measure the achieved goals by the number of rewards, though, are usually error-prone. Whereas, prevention-oriented employees are advocates of stability, security and often excel at an analytic way of thinking, keeping an eye on details, thorough planning, though, work slowly and find it difficult to get accustomed to the changes.
  • “What type of personality are you?” is another question to ask as you decide which career is right for you. Why is it important? First of all, in order not to hurt your inner world or make you feel uncomfortable because of the unfavorable conditions of job and the working surrounding. Are you more an introvert or extrovert? Define whether such aspects as crowded offices, constant interaction with your colleagues and other people, tasks in a team make you feel embarrassed or uneven or vice versa you are attracted to such a busy working routine and can’t stand quiet, isolated working environment.
  • Does your lifestyle match your career choice? Before choosing a career compare your present lifestyle with the one you will have as soon as you will get hired by an employer. Does it meet your expectations or does it deprive you of private life, time for yourself and family? Do you have time to rest or there is no difference between working and non-working hours? Of course, it takes some time to get used to a new job position and at first, work may take more of your free time. However, make sure it doesn’t occupy all your day and you don’t turn into slave unless you feel O.K. with such a lifestyle.
  • Decide where would you like to reside? The place you want to stay and live usually plays an important role while making job decisions and helps in actually conducting a career search. Have you been dreaming about rural or metropolitan lifestyle? Do you accept the probability of resettlement provided by the contract of your work or, probably, living in your hometown is the priority? As you see your attitude to the location of work belongs to the list of factors that should be taken into consideration while answering the question “how to choose the right career.”
Remember that we are far away from the times when it was common to make a lifelong career choice. Nowadays, there are ample opportunities for both personal and career development, so your aim is to figure out what you want, weight all the pros and cons of the working conditions, detect your hidden talents and desires, set priorities and choose the right career path! To do this, try to understand your needs and preferences in order not to regret your choice.
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