Simple Tips to Nail Job Interviews


Just imagine a situation when you are about to have an interview for a job you always wanted. You are prepared, your resume is perfect, and you seem to be ready for everything, but… Suddenly you realize that your knees start shaking, you feel anxious and the stress, which are you experiencing, is about to ruin everything!

Why do such things happen? What to do in case you feel too stressed out to take your interview?

Well, we must admit that there is no universal formula for everyone. Every candidate uses his own techniques to handle stress. However, what we know for sure is that prior to taking an interview, you need to do some things, which will help you reduce your stress level and nail you job interview easily! Many people think that a perfect resume is a key to success. However, a resume makes only the first impression, which may not always be right. If your resume says that you can easily cope with stressful situations, but when it comes to the interview, you are so worried that you can hardly utter a word, interview managers can assume that the rest of the provided information is also false.

Follow the tips below to show how good you really are:

  • Plan
Planning will reduce stress level before the interview. However, planning, in this case, does not only mean searching for the address of the office where the interview will take place and looking for the best route to get there. Planning begins with the smallest things, such as, for example, making a decision on what to wear. As a result, you will not have to waste time on things that can distract you from the most important event of the day, such as what to eat for breakfast, what to wear, what shoes match the suit best, etc.
  • Practice
The thing that is much better than imagining what can happen during an interview is actually to take an interview… Mock an interview. Ask your friends or your mentor to run a mock interview in order to reveal your strong and weak sides. It will help you reduce stress level while performing under pressure during a real interview.
  • Make a research
It is always a good idea to learn as much as possible about the company you are applying for. It will give you many advantages during an interview and will show your interest in a company.
  • Take your time
Make a little schedule of things you have to do and give enough time for each of them. Avoid rushing. It will not make things any better.
  • Develop breathing techniques
Many people tend to underestimate the positive effect of correct breathing. Do not be lazy to take one or two yoga classes to practice breathing techniques and prepare your body not only to physical, but also for psychological stress. The given tips will be useful for dealing with the anxiety level and reaching the desired outcome!
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