How to Write a Good Sociology Research Paper


Every student gets the assignment to write an academic paper during his or her studies. In particular, this concerns sociology students. To create a good term paper on this discipline is quite a difficult task, especially if you do not know where to start. Besides, sociology is an extremely broad subject that covers multiple topics, such as education, politics, medicine, law, crime, etc. For this reason, many students are confused when they have to choose topics for a sociology term paper. Anyway, a sociology term paper has to follow the same requirements as any other academic paper, so there is nothing particularly complicated here. Here are some pieces of advice that will help you choose one of sociology term paper topics and produce a quality paper.


As sociology covers complicated topics, you will have to narrow it to one specific point to write a sociology research paper. Researching stage is the first and the most important part of the work as this is when you have to come up with your argument. You have to gather the facts, which will support your idea, and come up with a certain conclusion. You will have to read a lot and take a lot of notes. You might want to take notes of certain pages or make quotations as you read them. This will help you when you will need to cite a quote in your paper or reference the sources in the bibliography.


If you read any research paper sociology example, you will see that there are often several questions stated there. The more you answer the better. It will be very beneficial if you address a couple of topics throughout an essay. If you are going to address one issue, you will have to put a lot of thought into it. As soon as you come up with the balance between your topic and answers to it, this is the bulk of your essay. You will have to research your way to the answer to provide solid support to the thesis statement and present good arguments.


In the introductory part of an essay, you have to address the problem. In the body part, you should explain your point of view and provide factual information, which supports your opinion. Also, make sure to provide quotations from the published works and reference them in the bibliography. Start your paper with a strong introduction, which includes a thesis statement and familiarizes readers with what you are going to tell in the body of an essay. Finish your writing piece similarly, providing a brief review of everything stated throughout the paper.

Topic Ideas

Now, when you know how to write a sociology paper, you might need some topic ideas to write an essay. If you are assigned to write a paper about feminism, you may like the following ideas:
  • Should men have more rights than women?
  • Feminism movements in the world during different periods
  • Is anti-sexism an integral part of feminism?
  • The power of women’s art
  • Modern manifestations of feminism
When one is assigned to complete a paper about marriage and children, there is a plenty of topics to write about. This issue refers to everyone, as almost every person is about to create a family or currently has particular issues in the marriage or wants a piece of advice on bringing up their kids. Here are some ideas you can use:
  • The idea of an ideal marriage
  • Ways to avoid harming children when divorcing
  • Consequences of remarriage
  • What are the consequences of gay marriages?
  • Problems in multicultural marriages
  • Ways to avoid divorce
  • The ways parents provide role models for their children
  • How to become a good parent?
  • What way is better for bringing up a child: to be strict or to be a friend?
  • The challenges which single parents have to deal with
One more important and spread topic that concerns everyone today is social problems, including crime, gambling, alcoholism, etc. Among good topics to discuss there are:
  • Whose problem is the issue of juvenile delinquency?
  • Is it possible to stop alcoholism?
  • How can today’s terrorism be compared to the terrorism centuries ago?
  • Can prison be considered an effective corrective method? If not, what are the alternatives?
You can also touch upon the topic of social life. Your topic may concern education, culture, development, environment, etc. Try choosing one of the following topics:
  • Best pieces of advice on reaching outstanding results in education
  • What are the main problems in the relationship between students and their professors?
  • The issue of globalization and the way it affects people in modern society
  • Major aspects of social change
  • What is the best way to develop oneself?
  • The way social change influences an average person
Now, when you know some sociology term paper writing tips and have some topic examples, make every effort to generate a great paper. When selecting the topic, make sure you choose the one you are interested in or have solid knowledge about. Only in this case, your reader will be interested in your writing.
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