Writing an Impressive Expository Essay


The first step towards completing a successful expository essay is to define exactly its essence.  So, let us get to the very core of the subject. Expository essay gives the essential information on a certain topic. This type of writing aims to inform and show an author’s vision on the subject. It is not hard to guess that the word “inform” shows the most clearly the concept of the expository essay. Therefore, the writing should not be overloaded with argumentation or persuasion. Always keep in mind that you should enrich your paper with factual information. The text itself has to make the topic clear, comprehensible, and logical for a reader. Pick out an appropriate topic.

The most widespread types of expository essay are:

  • Provides the target audience with a simple and easy to understand clarification of a theme.
  • Presents the more precise look on different peculiarities of a subject.
  • Estimates. Notes similarities and dissimilarities between components.
  • Considers several solutions to a problem within the realms of possibility.
  • Describes a gradual plan of actions to attain a certain result.

Here are some examples of topics:

  • What does the human body need to function healthfully?
  • Kinds of transport to use for long distances.
  • How can crime be reduced in your local community?
  • How to learn language effectively?
Judging from the examples, the expository essay does not have some narrowed areas of studying. So, your topic can be anything that might be interesting to you. The most important thing is just to define an exact purpose of writing and not to lose the focus. When you have a freedom of choice, one more tip is to opt for the subject that is already familiar to you. Additionally, the theme has to have a potential to be developed. The next step is to make a thesis statement. It defines the core of the essay, so do not put there something too obvious or too general.

Research and plan

The audience that would read the paper is a very important factor. As a matter of a fact, people of various ages and social groups would perceive information differently. So, clarify this detail with your teacher. While completing this type of an essay, you should first carry out a research. This way you could collect the needed information and then structure it. It is necessary to use various sources and dig deeper, so the writing will be complete and meaningful. Among the criteria to evaluate the author we distinguish author’s credentials, publisher’s reputation, citations, publication date.

Expository essay outline

The standard essay has a simple structure and consists of five paragraphs: introduction, main body (three paragraphs), and conclusion. The introduction has to be short, but present something that would light the sparkle of interest in the reader. Begin with a focus statement and a person would like to read more. Main body paragraphs deal with different points and each of them has to be relatively short. In the conclusion you should repeat the most important statements. Then, sum up adding your own observations and results of the research. Despite that the main volume of work is already done, there is still much to do. Reviewing of the paper is the final step before the publication. Rereading the text, check if you followed the structure, have not lost the focus, is the information logical. Your evidence should be accurate and relevant. If it is complicated for you to be critical, then let your friend or somebody else to read it. Following all these steps, you have a chance to complete a valuable work that will bring you the highest marks and a benefit to the reader.
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