Tips for Writing a Persuasive Essay


Before writing any type of essay, it is crucial to determine its main purpose. Why is it important? Because the structure, the style and even the language you will use should be selected accordingly. Writing a persuasive essay usually requires a lot of efforts and time, which means that you should start working on it in advance. Before you proceed to write a persuasive paper, make sure you have looked through valuable writing tips that would simplify the process and provide you with the necessary background knowledge not to do the same job twice. First of all, divide your writing task into several stages, such as preparation, writing, editing and proof-reading.

Preparation Stage

  • Choose a topic which you are interested in enough and which would comprise ambivalent ideas.
  • Decide which position you support.
  • Investigate the issue in all directions.
  • Pick up the strongest evidence “for and against” that would impress the reader and impact his/her attitude.

Writing Stage

This phase of your work will be much easier if you’ve followed the tips of the preparation stage. You’ve done a huge progress in coming closer to the writing process and already have the material to give a verbal shape for your thoughts and transform them into the written text. Remember that your persuasive paper has to correspond to the fixed structure, which consists of the introduction, main body and conclusions and in whole includes five or six paragraphs.

A relatively short introductory paragraph should contain up to 4 sentences and reveal intentions and position you stand for:

  • The first sentence is known as a “hook sentence” that would capture the reader’s attention and make him/her want to read further.
  • Next two sentences should provide the reader with a general overview of the problem.
  • Finally, finish your introductory paragraph with a thesis statement and clearly state your attitude.
The main body of a persuasive essay usually comprises three paragraphs, each of which is devoted to one solid evidence. Don’t overload your body paragraphs with too many supporting details. Three points for and one against are enough to convince the reader or change his/her viewpoint. The conclusion, by-turn, is nothing else but restating and emphasizing o the key aspects, you’ve mentioned in the main body paragraphs of the essay. Make sure you don’t use the same vocabulary.

Editing Stage

It’s a high time to proceed to edit your treasure! Pay attention to congruency, consistency and grammatical correctness of the essay. Check on evidence and language relevance or, even better, ask a literate person to help you.

Proof-Reading Stage

It’s not the end yet. Your final but not any less important writing stage is a proof-reading. It’s better to read your final draft after a while. Otherwise, it won’t be very effective. Let your mind rest a bit and only after that have a fresh look at your persuasive essay. We hope our writing tips helped you to improve your writing skills and made you one step closer to perfection.
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