Winter Break Ideas that Rock


Thinking about things to do on winter break? We all have been busy with family gatherings, holiday shopping, and preparations for Christmas and New Year celebrations since winter vacation has started. Now it is high time to have a rest and catch up on sleep or devote evenings to watching TV series. After reconsideration, you do not want to spend the whole winter break lounging in your PJ’s, do you? So, what to do on winter break to make it memorable? Here are 10 winter break activities to enjoy.

10 Amazing Activities to Try During Winter Break

  • Invite a friend
Make your holidays memorable by calling a high school or college friend whom you have not seen for ages. Meet up and spend some time reminiscing about good old days is one of the best ideas ever to have come to my mind.
  • Organize a holiday movie marathon
How to spend winter break and have a great time without leaving home? Ask your friends to come by and bring some snacks. Then, organize a marathon consisting of Christmas comedies and classic holiday movies. For example, my movie night always includes ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ and ‘Home Alone’.
  • Take a class
It may not be in your list of the best ideas for winter holidays, but you should definitely try out your creative skills. Decorating and painting classes are fun winter activities that will make your holidays more enjoyable.
  • Earn extra money
Being broke during holidays is not much fun. You could try some part-time jobs during winter break and engage in activities that bring profit. For example, once I tried babysitting (to learn it’s definitely not my thing), and last year I arranged holiday sale of unnecessary stuff.
  • Spend a day in spa with your mom
It is certainly not a winter fun for cheap, but it will be a good holiday present for your leading lady. Or gentleman. Make your favorite person happy and enjoy the time spent together.
  • Become a volunteer
Local charities always seek for assistance during the holiday season. Contribute to your community by helping the needy and enjoy this new experience to the most.
  • Learn to cook
It is your opportunity to use your parents’ fridge stuffed with a variety of products bought for holidays and cook your own tasty dish. There are tons of easy recipes on the Internet but I love experimenting with Jamie Oliver.
  • Go to the gym
Holiday meals may result in some extra pounds. Do not let this happen! Go to the gym and burn the extra calories accumulated during winter break. Since coach potatoes are not a trend today, try to stay active on daily basis so that it becomes a good healthy habit.
  • Plan for summer
If you want to intern on summer or find your first job, winter break is a perfect time to start planning. For example, you might want to devote some time to polishing your resume and looking for available vacancies during winter holidays.
  • Remodel your room
Why not make some changes and upgrade your room? Paint the walls different colors, buy new curtains, or rearrange furniture. Last year I decorated all windows with hand-made snowflakes and Christmas lights and moved around some furniture. My friends loved it and some of them even did the same. As for me, winter break is the time when we all seek for new emotions. Try the activities from the list, and you will have many experiences to share when you go back to college.
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